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Deck Guide: High Evolutionary Control (Pool 5)

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In this guide, you will discover the main secrets and tips of one of the most consistent versions of the deck of Marvel Snap's new Big Boss.

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The High Evolutionary is the newest Big Boss in the game, that is, it has no plans to drop from Pool 5. Therefore, to get him, you need to invest 6,000 tokens (or be lucky enough to get him in one of the Collector's Reserves). This investment is super worth it! The High Evolutionary is very versatile and can have different types of deck building. In addition, the cards enhanced by him are extremely strong!

The version I brought you today is focused on Control, and despite having taken the list ready (I saw the image circulating on Twitter, but I don't remember the deck creator's name), as I was playing with the deck, I made several adaptations and arrived in an extremely consistent version that guaranteed me many cubes! Check the list below:



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This list is focused on saving energy (to power up Hulk and Cyclops to lower the power of enemy cards), limiting where you can play cards (with Storm and Spider-Man) and taking opponents by surprise with not as popular cards such as Rogue and Spider-Woman.

Due to the High Evolutionary's popularity, Luke Cage is on the rise to prevent cards from losing power, and that's where Rogue comes in. She ends up being more effective than Enchantress, as she only removes Luke's ability, while Rogue steals Luke's ability, making your cards immune to power reduction effects.

Spider-Woman (another addition I made to the list), if well-placed on turn 5, allows playing the Abominable costing 0 on the last turn and a powerful card costing 6 (Hulk or Doctor Doom).

The other cards are Wasp and Thing, which mess up the opponent's math with their power reductions; Nebula, who brings a field control and manipulates the opponent's steps, putting them in an uncomfortable position, having to play cards in Nebula's place so that she doesn't grow her power and finally, there's the High Evolutionary.

It even sounds funny, the card responsible for making the deck work doing nothing on the field! It works its magic when the game starts, then after that it becomes disposable. Because it's a 4/4, you'll hardly play it on the field, but it's there in your hand, seeing the damage of his enhancements.

Game plan

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If you don't have Nebula to play in the first two turns, they will be turns where you do nothing, but the ideal is to play Nebula early, so hope it comes into your opening hand.

On the third turn, play Storm (preferably in the same location as Nebula) and continue with Cyclops. This combination of Storm and Cyclops is very strong because with each energy saved in the following turns, the enemy cards that are in this location flooded by the Storm will have less power, and you will guarantee the location.

On turn five, there are two possibilities: Spider-Man blocking a location and leaving free energy for Cyclops to continue decreasing the enemies' power and for Hulk to grow in power, or Spider-Woman, which in some cases will reset the Abominable's cost.

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Finally, it is possible to play Hulk or Doctor Doom (you will judge the best option depending on the scenario of each game), Wasp, which costs 0 and also reduces the power of two cards and, if you have played Spider-Woman on the fifth turn, it is also possible to play Abomination.



Rogue is a very situational card, and it's good to leave it in your hand until you see if your opponent has a vital card with an ongoing ability. Normally, it should be played the moment the opponent shows Luke Cage. It's good to even Snap when this happens, as the opponent can get annoyed with Rogue stealing Luke's ability and flee the match.

If the opponent doesn't have Luke Cage, Rogue only comes into play to steal skills from cards like Devil Dinosaur, Darkhawk, Knull and Iron Man.

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Pay attention to the points' math! If any location with Cyclops is losing by a small difference of points, it is worth not playing a 6-cost card on the last turn so that you have energy, and you turn to the location with Cyclops.

Another point to pay attention to is regarding priority! If you have priority (in midgame, where the opponent hasn't played that many cards yet) Thing and Wasp will not affect enemy cards with their abilities!


The deck was very consistent in the tests I did (I went from rank 105 to 110) and I didn't find so many weaknesses! The only decks I found difficult to face were the Bounce (as we have no answers for Bishop, Angela, etc.) and Silver Surfer (due to Cosmo and Killmonger, which deals with Nebula).


Are you playing the High Evolutionary? Did you like it? And this version I brought, what did you think? Tell me everything in the comments!