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Hit-Monkey: Review & Decks with the new Marvel Snap card!

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Everything you need to know about Hit-Monkey to get him off to a good start in the game's new season, plus decks to play with!

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About Hit-Monkey

Hit-Monkey first appeared in comics in 2010 in the first issue of his own eponymous magazine. The character is a Japanese macaque, also known as the snow monkey, who becomes a murderer searching for revenge for the death of his tribe. His main ally is the ghost of another murderer.

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There is a series about Hit-Monkey originally shown on Hulu. The animation is in its first season, but a second one has already been confirmed.


Hit-Monkey on Marvel Snap

Hit-Monkey costs 2, has 0 power, and its reveal ability makes it gain +2 power for every other card played along with it in a single turn.

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With this design, Hit-Monkey could be viable in many deck types, but at first glance, its most obvious synergies are with Sera and the Bounce archetype.

Card analysis - Is it worth buying the pass?

Compared to the last two passes, where we had Nimrod and M.O.D.O.K., Hit-Monkey comes out ahead. The last two cards were very attached to the Destruction and Discard archetypes and most decent lists with them needed many cards from Pools 3, 4 and even 5.

Hit-Monkey is much more versatile and can add value to many decks, whether you are a beginner or a veteran player. The card is powerful, but it doesn't quite break the game like Silver Surfer and Zabu did early on, so it's safe to say that Hit-Monkey's pass is one of the most worth buying to date, mainly because of the cosmetics that are wonderful.

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As for weaknesses, such as Hit-Monkey's ability to reveal, it can be countered easily with Cosmo. Also, as most decks that will take Hit-Monkey will play several cards on the last turn, another very efficient counter to this play is Sandman, which forces players to play only one card per turn.

Speaking of decks, I'll jump to the lists I brought you. There are decks for the Pool 1 and 2 crowd, through those who just arrived in Pool 3, and of course, we also have decks for the veterans. So let's go!

Decks with Hit Monkey

Kazoo w/ Hit-Monkey (Pool 1 & 2)

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Here we have a straightforward and strong deck for beginner players.

We have six 1 cost cards to be buffed by Kazar, Armor to protect them from Killmonger, Blue Marvel will buff your entire board and Angela, Bishop and Hit-Monkey are the protagonists that will stay with enough power and guarantee victory in most matches.

The idea here is to set up the game plan for a turn of 6 where you will play Hit-Monkey and four 1-cost cards, which will make the new card have 8 power. Also, if you have Bishop and Angela on the field, they will also increase in power as their cards are played.

Sera Control w/ Hit Monkey (Pool 3)

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With Bast possibly moving down to Pool 3, this Sera Control deck gets even better! As I explained in my Bast Patriot deck guidelink outside website, the Bast buff copies of Mysterio, so the addition of this card to the deck will be quite right.

Also, Angela, Hit-Monkey and Bishop get much stronger starting with their base power at 3! The idea here is to play Angela and Bishop as early as possible, Sera will always have to be played on turn 5 and on turn 6 you can play Hit-Monkey, Mysterio, Sentinel and any of your cards with control abilities, like Shang- Chi and Enchantress.


Due to Hit-Monkey's interaction with Mysterio, in this hypothetical example I brought, the assassin monkey would enter the field with 10 power (13 if he was hit by Bast). Pretty strong, isn't it? And in that list there are only 3 cards from Pool 3, so it's a very accessible deck.

Bounce Hit-Monkey (Pool 3)

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You're going to see a lot of Angela and Bishop in the meta, okay? We have one more deck where they, along with Hit-Monkey and The Collector are your main victory conditions. Here we use the bounce strategy, which is nothing more than returning your cards to the hand.

With Beast, the returned cards now cost one less (no limit, so those that cost 1 now cost 0), so the strategy is to use the mutant in a location that has your one-drops, to play them for free and causing Angela, Bishop and the Collector to increase their powers in the process.

Now with Falcon, all your one-drops go back to the hand, so those that are costing 0 continue to cost 0, so you can end the game with Hit-Monkey and all the possible cards you can play on the field.

Negative Hit-Monkey (Pool 4)

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Considering Mister Negative's ability to change the status of your cards, it is possible to have cards with very low costs (some even cost 0) and with that, in the last turn you can play many cards.

Thus, the Hit-Monkey (which Negative turns into a 0/2) can be huge and can still be combined with the Wong and increase its power.

Another nice addition to this list is the Absorbing Man, which can copy Hit-Monkey's ability and guarantee a few more points. Taskmaster can also enter the deck and be just as efficient as Absorbent.

Advanced Bounce Hit-Monkey (Pool 5)

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This list is very similar to the other Bounce list I brought, but there are additions from Pool 4 and 5 that make the deck much better. Darkhawk, from Pool 4, combines with Korg and Black Widow, as these disrupt the opponent and make them have more cards in their deck. As there is the possibility of returning Korg and Black Widow and playing them again, your Darkhawk will be very powerful.

Kitty Pryde from Pool 5 can go back and forth, further increasing Angela and Bishop's power. Beast can reduce Kitty's cost to 0, so it's easier to take advantage of her ability.

Kitty Pryde is currently disabled, but the game team is already working to bring her back, so stay tuned! Ah, and Hit-Monkey, you already understood his role in this type of deck, right? I don't think I need to explain again.


Did you like Hit Monkey? Are you going to buy this pass? I'm going to buy it for sure, and I'm really looking forward to playing with this super fun card!

And I can't wait to get the Goose and Cosmo variants that come with the pass too!

Until the next time!