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Deck Guide: Negative Jane (Pool 4)

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Meet and learn to pilot one of the funniest decks in Marvel Snap!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Leon

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Mister Negative is one of the most original cards in the game, as it changes the status of cards in your deck. Therefore, cards like Ironheart and Iron Man, which are very strong, but have only 0 power, are broken when hit by the effect of Mister Negative, after all, the two continue with their abilities, gain power and the best : now cost 0.

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These are just some of the simplest examples, but there are several 0 power cards in the game that become much better thanks to Mister Negative.


As they cost 0, negative cards make Jane Foster end up being one of the most important pieces on the list, as she draws all cards in the deck that have 0 cost.

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This is one of those decks that when you manage to play all the pieces in the right order, victory is guaranteed! So come with me to get to know the list better because I know you were curious.


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In addition to the protagonists of the deck and Iron Man and Iron Heart, which I mentioned in the introduction, we have some other vital cards for this deck to run smoothly.

Psylocke and Zabu are in the deck to make Mister Negative playable on turn 3, after all, the sooner he comes in, the better for you. I like having both to have more chances to make this move on turn 3, but if you think it's redundant to take Psylocke and Zabu, you can choose to leave only one.

As there are games where Mister Negative will not appear in your hand, you need to have a plan B, and Bast and Valkyrie are in the deck to help you. Most of the cards on the list have 0 power, so Bast brings more power points to the field with his ability to set the power of the cards in your hand to 3. The dream is to have your cards negated, but since that's not always possible, it's much better to have a Mystique and an Iron Man with 3 power rather than their usual 0, isn't it?

Valkyrie serves to do the same thing as Bast only in an active way in the location where it is played. It's great to combine her with Iron Man or Darkhawk and Valkyrie still serves to lower the power of opposing cards.

Valkyrie is great with Iron Man and Angela
Valkyrie is great with Iron Man and Angela

The rest of the deck are other cards with 0 power, which are there to be negated by Mister Negative and drawn by Jane Foster, so to finish we have Angela, Darkhawk and Arnim Zola.

Game plan

Did you get Zabu (or Psylocke), Mister Negative and Jane Foster in the opening hand? That's it, you've won the game, you can Snap on turn 1. These are the main pieces to perform your combo, so if you manage to draw them until turn 3, it's a good sign and enough to make you confident to press the Snap button.

If you have Bast and good targets in your hand like Psylocke and Mister Negative, you can start turn 1 with Bast, but normally with that deck you skip turn 1. On turn 2, it's ideal to play Zabu or Psylocke, if you have Mister Negative in your hand. If you don't have the Negative, but you have Zabu or Psylocke, I recommend playing Zabu, because if you don't draw the Negative on turn 3, you don't lose anything, unlike Psylocke's play, which would waste the energy ramp. Another option is to play Angela.

In the ideal scenario, turn 3 is to play Mister Negative. Otherwise, you can play Ironheart. On turn 4, if you haven't been able to play Zabu or Psylocke on turn 2, then play Mister Negative. With the ideal scenario, where Negative was played in turn 3, there aren't as many options for moves in turn 4, so it's possible to pass.


Turn 5 belongs to Jane Foster, who will draw all negative 0 cost cards to prepare the game for an explosive turn 6.

Sinister London made the last turn even better
Sinister London made the last turn even better

On the last turn, you will play all possible cards. There are several possibilities for moves, but I usually choose to do the classic Iron Man + Mystique play and when possible, I play Iron Man alone in a location to use Arnim Zola and thus distribute Iron Man to other locations and make even more power! Valkyrie is also excellent on the last turn, as it catches opponents off guard.

Combining Arnim Zola with Iron Man always catches the opponent off guard
Combining Arnim Zola with Iron Man always catches the opponent off guard


As this deck follows a "cake recipe" style, where the right ingredients need to be played in the right order to work at its best, when you don't draw Mister Negative or Jane Foster at the proper time, the deck it becomes fragile. Therefore, do not hesitate to retreat in such cases.

It's silly, but that some people might not know: if you play Mister Negative on Kamar-Taj or Sinister London, it will reset your deck to normal on the second effect of On Reveal, so watch out to avoid this mistake.

In the perfect scenario where you have Bast, Mister Negative, Zabu and Jane Foster in your hand, it is recommended to play Bast on turn 1, even if it reduces Jane Foster's power from 8 to 3. At first, I thought this move was bad, but then the Bast kept stealing space in my hand and Jane couldn't draw all the cards in my deck, so I recommend letting go of Jane's power, as what interests her in this deck is her draw ability.


As I mentioned before, the deck is very strong when you have the full combo in your hand. If not, it's pretty weak. So, the first weakness is that need to always have a script to follow and when it doesn't go as planned, the deck doesn't work.

Against Galactus and Sandman decks it is practically impossible to win, so when you identify that you are facing one of these decks, you can retreat. Leech, Cosmo and Enchantress are also a problem!


This was my Negative Jane deck guide, a deck that I've been having a lot of fun playing. Did you already know this version? Have you played with her? Tell me in the comments!