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Marvel Snap: Everything about the new card acquisition system!

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In this article, you'll find out about the big changes coming to the game in the July patch!

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About Spotlight Caches

The Spotlight Caches will arrive at Marvel Snap in the patch scheduled for July 11th. For players who have 500+ in the game's collection level, these new crates will automatically appear every 120 collection levels reached.

What's in those new boxes?

The content of Spotlight Caches will be renewed weekly and revealed in advance, but in summary: there will always be a card of the week release, a selected card from Pool 4, another from Pool 5 and a random / mystery card from Pool 4 or 5.


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Explaining how Spotlight Caches work

The chance of getting each of the available cards is 25%, so the moment you open the box and get one of the options, it is removed and the percentage of chance to get the other cards increases and so on, until you get all the cards available that week.

The moment cards run out, they are replaced with selected variants of each featured character of the week.

How many credits do I need to spend to be able to open a Spotlight Cache?

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To open a Collector's Reserve it is necessary to reach 12 collection levels, which is equivalent to 600 credits, so just multiply these 600 credits by 10 (because the tenth box will be the Spotlight Cache), which gives 6,000 credits. During the 120 levels, between one Cache and another, there are 500 free credits.

Therefore, it will be necessary to disburse 5,500 credits to open a Spotlight Cache and 22,000 credits to open 4 Spotlight Caches and get the 4 cards available in the week.

And how many credits can a Free to Play player earn in a week?

In this calculation, I will consider the case of a player who plays casually and completes the Weekly Challenge, so I will only count the credits of the 25 daily missions that complete the weekly challenge and the total credits obtained by completing the Weekly Challenge.

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In the process of completing the 25 daily missions, it is possible to receive 1,850 credits and the total Weekly Challenge prize is 1,350 credits. That being said, we have a total of 3,200 credits, so a casual player will be able to open two Spotlight Caches during a month and will win two cards from Pool 4 or 5.

Thoughts on the new card acquisition system

I brought the example above to show that even the casual player will benefit from the new Marvel Snap card acquisition system, so this apparently was an excellent decision from the game's developers.

Finally, players will be able to get excited about the new cards that are released in the game, as it is now possible to get them quickly, so they will all have space in the decks and will no longer be something restricted that only a few had.

Despite not being the biggest fan of spending money to get cards, it is clear that with the addition of this system, bundles that offer a large amount of credits become more attractive for players. However, it's good to stay tuned for the ones that are most worthwhile, so you don't end up in harm, huh?


Did you like this news? I loved it, and I'm already collecting my credits to open as many Spotlight Caches as possible once the system is implemented