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Deck Guide: Thanos Lockjaw on Reveal

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Thanos is dominating the Marvel Snap ladder and tournament meta and in this article I'm going to break down this powerful deck!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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If you're in Pool 3, and you're lucky enough to get Thanos in a Collector's Cache (that luckily happened to me), you can be happy because this card is very strong, especially with Quinjet and Lockjaw.

There are several versions of the deck, the most popular being On Reveal and Ongoing. As in Ongoing, they usually run M'Baku and Valkyrie (Pool 4 cards), I chose to bring the On Reveal version, which except for Thanos, all other cards are from Pools 1, 2 and 3.

Before presenting the decklist, it is worth talking about the Infinity Stones:


Thanos and the Infinity Stones

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When the game starts, Thanos puts the 6 Infinity Stones in your deck, so unlike the standard Snap format, where each deck can only take 12 cards, with Thanos you will play with 18 cards.

Each one has an ability and if you played all 6 in the game, you will activate the Ongoing ability of the Infinity Stone, which while on the field gives Thanos an additional 10 power, turning him into a unit with 21 power. It's important to note that you only need to have played the 6 Stones, they don't need to be on the field (except for the Power Stone, of course) for Thanos to have 21 power, so you don't have to worry if your Stones are destroyed or something like that.

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The Stones' abilities are as follows:

Mind Stone: On Reveal: Draw 2 Stones from your deck.

Power Stone: Ongoing: If you played all 6 Stones, Thanos has +10 power (wherever he is).

Reality Stone: On Reveal: Draw a card. Turn this location into a new one.

Soul Stone: On Reveal: Draw a card. Ongoing: Enemy cards here have -1 power.

Space Stone: On Reveal: On your next turn, you can move 1 card to this location. Draw a card.

Time Stone: On Reveal: Draw a card. You gain +1 Energy on your next turn.


by GreenerGames
by GreenerGames

In addition to the Stones and Thanos, we have Sunspot, which is one of the most consistent 1 drops in the game; Quinjet, which will make your stones cost 0; and Lockjaw, which is the key card of the deck, as he keeps putting your stones back into the deck and bringing other cards to their location. There are some pretty cool combos you can do with Lockjaw, but I'll explain later.

Shang-Chi, Aero, Magneto and Leech are in the deck to control and disrupt the opponent's plans. All the skills of these cards are excellent and become better when the cards are played for free, taking the place of one of the jewels due to Lockjaw.

Blue Marvel, Devil Dinosaur and She-Hulk help to guarantee more points in the locations, since the first gives +1 power to all other cards and the second will almost always have a lot of power, since almost all Stones draw cards, so your hand will be pretty full. Oh, and She-Hulk needs no comments, right?

She-Hulk and Blue Marvel carrying the game
She-Hulk and Blue Marvel carrying the game

Finally, America Chavez and its ability to only be drawn on turn 6 allows you to draw your other most important cards in time.


If you have Quinjet, the Mind Stone and Lockjaw in your starting hand, you can Snap because you're unlikely to lose. With Quinjet you reduce the cost of your stones to 0, so the ideal is to play the card as soon as possible. So on turn 2 you can play the Mind Stone to draw more Stones and on turn 3 you play Lockjaw + 2 or 3 stones and that's it, the game is done.


Explosive turn 3 with Lockjaw
Explosive turn 3 with Lockjaw

Of course, Lockjaw is tied to RNG, and sometimes it can bring cards that you don't want to play at that moment, but since your deck has so many good cards, it's very likely that you will do well most of the time. Imagine if Lockjaw hits a Leech early! It's instawin.

So, the idea of the deck is this. Play Lockjaw and play with the Stones. In some cases, Thanos is even on the sidelines, and you can win with your Dino + She-Hulk and Blue Marvel buffing your cards, but you can also play to make a huge Thanos and finish with him.

The good thing about this deck is exactly that: it has so many good cards, that you can draw many different paths and make the last turn unpredictable for your opponent.

Tips and Combos

Remember I mentioned that you can make some really cool combos with Lockjaw and the Stones? So one of them is you complete a location with Lockjaw, but save the Space Stone for last. Then you move Lockjaw from that location and use his ability again in another location.

Another combo is to play Lockjaw with the Time Stone on turn 3, to have 5 energy on turn 4 and thus play Leech a turn earlier. As it will be put back in your deck, and you can draw plenty of cards, it is possible to recover the Leech and play it again on turn 5. A bit toxic? Perhaps. But it's fun to do it, I won't deny it.

The Raft is a very favorable location for this deck
The Raft is a very favorable location for this deck

As I said, almost all Stones draw cards, so an important tip is to pay attention to the number of cards you have in your hand because if you get carried away, you can congest your hand and end up spending a turn without drawing cards.


Despite being a very strong deck, it is not invincible and has some weaknesses.

Against Hazmat and Darkhawk decks, Thanos Lockjaw suffers a lot, as most stones have only 1 power, so Hazmat manages to leave them negative and Darkhawk is huge due to the high number of cards it has in Thanos deck and in this deck there is also Korg and Rockslide, which puts rocks in the deck and hinders Lockjaw.


That was my Thanos Lockjaw On Reveal deck guide.

If you have any questions about the deck, just leave them in the comments. From now on, I'm going to make more guides, so if you want to see a deck here, just suggest it to us.