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Marvel Snap Deck Guide: Sera Control

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In this guide, you learn to pilot the Sera Control roster, one of the most consistent and accessible decks in Marvel Snap!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The list focuses on Sera and her card cost reduction ability, which makes it possible to play multiple cards on the last turn. Besides Sera, the other fundamental pieces of the deck are Bishop and Angela, which will be your main sources of power. In addition, the deck offers the main game control tools such as Enchantress, Shang-Chi and Killmonger.

This is a very popular list which has been in the game since the beginning, but there are some new features in this new version, like Kitty Pryde and Doctor Doom, as well as Hit-Monkey.

In the rest of the deck there is Nova, to buff your field, Mysterio that synergizes very well with Bishop and Hit-Monkey and Sentinel, for being a consistent 2 drop. However, there are those who prefer to use Scarlet Witch instead, due to the possibility of it disabling some bad location, in addition to being excellent against Magik and Storm.

Game plan

Because it's a control-focused deck, you need to play reactively and leave priority to your opponent. This way, in the last turn, it will be possible to enjoy the maximum potential of cards like Shang-Chi and Killmonger.

If you have Kitty Pryde, play her on turn 1. On turn 2, the ideal is to play Angela and, in sequence, play Kitty Pryde in the same location as Angela and Sentry or Nova in another location. On turn 4, in that order: Bishop and Kitty Pryde again at Angela's location. The fifth turn is Sera's turn and for the sixth and final turn, there are two possibilities.

The first is to play Kitty Pryde, who will be at 6 power, along with Doctor Doom. The second possibility is to play your various cards at a discounted cost, then play Mysterio, Sentinel, Hit-Monkey, Killmonger, and Kitty Pryde. With this move, your Hit-Monkey will have 13 power and he alone can secure a spot. In addition, the Bishop will also gain +8 power and will secure another location.

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- The secret of this deck is to be calm and behave reactively. It's quite common to spend turns without playing any cards or just playing Kitty Pryde, so worry more about the last turn, where you'll need to score the points well and play your cards in the right places to win the game.

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-Take advantage of the synergy between Kitty and Angela, as Kitty always returns to her hand, Angela ends up growing considerably!

- Enchantress is not played that often, so against decks that have key cards with Ongoing abilities, save it for the end to catch the opponent off guard.


Against Wave and Sandman there is simply no match for this list, as these two cards limit the amount of playable cards to just one, so there is no way Sera's deck can win in this scenario.

Another card that ends up catching Sera off guard is Shadow King, which is very effective against Angela, Bishop, and Hit-Monkey, so be cautious!



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The Sera deck is very consistent and easy to play, in addition to having cards that practically all players have, so it is a recommended list for players of all skill levels.

But I want to hear from you: do you like this deck? Did you like the guide? Did you have any questions?

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