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Marvel Snap Deck Guide: Cerebro 3 with Invisible Woman

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The buff on Invisible Woman made possible a series of combos in the Cerebro 3 lists, which is even stronger. Check out the guide and enjoy!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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This deck starring the Cerebro focuses on distributing +2 power to all your highest power cards, which in this version the focus is 3 power. The second most important piece on the list is the Mystique, which doubles the Cerebro's ability and leaves all your cards that have 3 power at 7 power. For cards that don't have 3 power, as is the case with Mystique and Cerebro as well as Luke Cage and Wasp, there is Bast and Valkyrie to help to leave them with 3 power.

Still on the main pieces of the deck, we have the Invisible Woman, who recently received a buff and now has 3 power, so now it becomes part of the version and adds a lot of value. One of Invisible Woman's advantages is protecting Mystique and Cerebro from Enchantress or Rogue, as the allied cards of Invisible Woman's location will always be revealed last.

The other cards with 3 power are very flexible. While almost everyone on this list is accessible, there's Jeff who's from Pool 5, so if you don't have him you can put the Sentinel in its place. The rest is up to personal taste. There are a lot of good 3 power cards out there, so it's possible to adapt the list and make it your own.

Game plan

Depending on how your starting hand is, Bast is a good turn 1 play. However, it's good to be aware of its targets. If you have at least 2 cards without 3 power, you can play Bast. If there is only one or none, it is better to hold this move and wait for the next turns.

For turn 2, it is possible to play Invisible Woman or Jeff. For Invisible Woman it is better to play her in locations that aren't restrictive, as your main plays will take place in her location.

On turns 3 and 4, ideally, you should play Cerebro and Mystique at the location of the Invisible Woman, and on the fifth there are two paths. Either you extend the game to the seventh turn, with Magik, or you play Valkyrie at Invisible Woman's location, especially if Cerebro and Mystique weren't hit by Bast. I usually choose to extend games, so I can put more power on the field and draw some control tool, like Shang-Chi, Killmonger and Shadow King.

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By the way, Shadow King has been a big surprise in this deck and handles Bounce and Movement lists very well, so it's good to save it for the last turn.

The sixth or seventh turn is the time to deal with loose ends in the game. Analyze whether the points are all well distributed and use your control card to deal with any problems. In some cases, it's on the last turn that you'll play Cerebro and Mystique to catch the opponent off guard, so it's up to you to analyze which game plan best suits the match in question.


- Starting with the Invisible Woman, who in addition to protecting Cerebro and Mystique, has very interesting interactions with priority: When you have priority, and you know that the opponent is going to play a card with a lot of power or several one-drops in the last turn, then just play Invisible Woman + Shang-Chi or Killmonger. That way, even with priority on your side, the Invisible Woman's location will only reveal the cards after all your opponent's cards are revealed, so it's possible to catch them off-guard and win some good cubes.


- Luke Cage is great for locations that reduce the power of your cards, and as High Evolutionary decks are on the rise, it ends up being an excellent answer to the debuffs on this list. However, you need to be aware of Luke Cage's interaction with Valkyrie.

For example, let's say the Embassy of Wakanda location left some of your cards at 5 power, and you want to fix them with Valkyrie. If Luke Cage is on the field, these cards will not have their power reduced to 3, so only those with 5 power will receive the Cerebro and Mystique buffs.

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The same happens when there is a card with 3+ power that may have appeared from the Mansion X and Monster Island locations. If Luke is on the field, and you use Valkyrie in an attempt to fix these cards, nothing will happen either, so be cautious!

Another Luke Cage interaction to watch out for is with the Shadow King. If Luke Cage is not on the field, don't place Shadow King in a location that has cards that were buffed by Bast or Valkyrie, as they will return to their base power and consequently will reduce several points of the location. Therefore, Shadow King will only be positive for you when working alongside Luke Cage.

- Finally, it is worth mentioning that although this list is strong and consistent, its style is combo, so you will only feel that the deck really works when you play all the pieces of the combo, that is: Cerebro and Mystique. Only with Cerebro it is even possible to win, but if you don't draw it by the end of the game, it's better to retreat, as the deck doesn't work without it.

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Lists focused on Ongoing cards have an advantage against ours, as there is no way to counter this ability. The most you can do is use Shang-Chi and destroy a card with high power, but otherwise, Cerebro 3 loses to decks like this.

In addition, Cerebro 3 decks, despite having cards to circumvent negative or restrictive locations, is still greatly undermined by a number of existing locations in Marvel Snap.


This is a deck that requires some experience, but when you can really understand its dynamics and interactions, things flow and the player is rewarded for their efforts.

I hope that my tips have helped you to better understand the deck, and if you still have any questions, just write them in the comments!