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Marvel Snap - Conquest Mode Review & Personal Experiences

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In this article, I share my impressions and strategies used in Snap's new game mode!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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About the Conquest Format

If you've landed here and have no idea what Conquest is, let me explain: in the new game mode, the player needs to win a series of victories in the format challenge a friend.

If you haven't played this mode yet, know that players have 10 cubes in it, which represent their life bars, so a series of games takes place until one of the two has their life reduced to zero. The player who manages to stand up, with at least one cube on the life bar, is declared the winner of the round.


There are four tiers in Conquest: Proving Grounds, Silver, Gold and Infinity. In the first level, you only need to win one round; in the second level there are two victories; in sequence, there are three. Finally, in the last level, which will only be unlocked in the last week of the season, you will need to win 5 rounds to earn all the rewards.

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The game developers have already stated that in the first match of each level the player will face bots, to get used to the format, but subsequent matches will be against real players. Therefore, in that first moment, removing the easy matches, there will only be three rounds where the player will have to play for real.


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As you win the rounds, you will receive medals and free tickets to play in the next tier. Medals can be exchanged for prizes in the medal shop, which changes every week.

Among the shopping options are a mystery variant, credits, gold, title and tickets. After purchasing nine items in the store, an exclusive variant will be unlocked, which this season is the Green Goblin.

Opinion on the mode

As in Marvel Snap there was only the ranked mode, it ended up becoming something casual, since there was no other mode, so the ranked queue cannot impose the competitiveness that Conquest presents. As such, Conquest mode serves as a boost to the game's competitive environment. Now, players will want to hone their skills and build the best decks to reach the format's highest level.

However, I must confess that the rewards are meager. Except for the mystery variant (limited to one purchase), the other prizes are unremarkable. If there was the possibility of buying tokens, which are used to buy new cards from Pool 4 and 5, there would be a greater effort for players to play Conquest. Still, it's just the first store, so it's possible that new, more attractive rewards might come later on.

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Finally, it is worth praising the design of the new mode, which has beautiful animations and even a new soundtrack for the games, which provided a feeling of emotion as the matches unfolded and climbed the Conquest.

My Experience and Tips

Although there is the possibility of changing decks with each new round, I performed the entire Conquest with a single deck: Cerebro 3. My choice was due to the list having several control tools such as Shang-Chi, Killmonger and Valkyrie, and it is an archetype that I am very familiar with.

This, by the way, is a great tip. Play with what you are used to! There's no use taking a High Evolutionary deck that's strong and in the meta, but you're not familiar with it. The Brain 3 list, for example, has never been in the meta, but it is a deck that I feel comfortable with and know how to extract the maximum potential that it offers.


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By the way, this week I'm going to bring you a deck guide for the Cerebro 3 version that I used in the Conquest, so if you want to know the list's secrets and want to start training with it to use it in the new game mode, stay tuned to the site.

Finally, another tip I would like to give is regarding cube management and the Snap mechanism, which is critical in this mode. Despite the bluff being a powerful artifice, in this mode you have to be calm, and it's not worth risking your cubes, so whenever you think you're not going to win the game, retreat.

And mainly: if your opponent snapped early, don't be tempted by it. Most times, it's better to retreat and focus on the next matches.


Conquest mode served to give Marvel Snap a new boost, even if it doesn't offer such attractive rewards (at least for now). However, it is expected that they will focus on this mode and boost the rewards over the seasons, so it is worth creating a few expectations for the future.