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Top 5: Best Marvel Snap Pool 3 Decks!

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In this article, you will find out which are the best decks to guarantee cubes with Pool 3 cards!

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It took me a while, but I'm back with the last part with the best Marvel Snap decks! Today the focus is on Pool 3 cards.

Some of the decks I'll mention only have a few key Pool 3 cards, so if you catch them early, you're off to a good start. Other decks, like Hela's, have tons of Pool 3 cards, so it's possible that you'll take some time to get all the cards.

However, one thing I've learned in the time I've been playing Marvel Snap is learning to get by with what I have, so my best piece of advice is: learn to adapt your decks until you have all the cards!


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Now let's go to the rankings:

Best Pool 3 decks

5th Place: Invisible Hela

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This is my favorite deck in the game, but I must confess it relies heavily on luck. The key pieces of this one are the Invisible Woman and Hela and the idea is to play the Invisible Woman in a location and along with her, you place 2 cards that discard cards and Hela at the end. As the Invisible Woman only reveals the location cards in the last turn, your Hela is not in danger of being discarded and, playing her last in that Invisible Woman's location, she brings the discarded cards back.

There are other ways to discard cards without discarding Hela: Black Cat always discards when it appears in your hand, and Death, as it costs 9, will always be Lady Sif's target. Also, Colleen Wing discards the cheapest card in your hand, so Hela can rest easy.

Although this deck's win condition is basically aimed at the Invisible Woman and Hela combo, there are other strong cards that can be played and guarantee victories, such as Leader, Captain Marvel and Jubilee.

4th Place: Dracula Lockjaw

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Another deck for lovers of the Discard archetype! This one focuses on two cards that I still don't have, but I'm dying to get: Dracula and Lockjaw (Ben). The two are the protagonists of the deck and guarantee two locations easily for you.

Dracula can be alone in a location, as he has no counter, since his ability is not constant or when revealed, it only happens at the end of the game, so not even Shang-Chi resolves. The idea is that you keep discarding Apocalypse several times, until he gets huge and is discarded one last time by Dracula, who will steal his power.

It's Lockjaw who will guarantee you multiple discards, as he puts the card you play back into your deck, so Lady Sif, Moon Knight and Colleen go back and forth, discarding Swarm and Apocalypse, making your Morbius, another star of the deck, get huge from multiple discards.

In the last turn, the ideal is to play your Swarm and America Chavez, leaving only Apocalypse to be discarded and absorbed by Dracula.

3rd Place: Mister Negative

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Mister Negative has a very unusual and fun mechanic: he reverses the status of the cards in your deck, so there are many cards here that cost a lot and have very little power, so you can play several cards, including some costing 0 like the Iron Man and Ironheart.

To have a good use of the deck, it is essential to play Psylocke on turn 2 and have Mister Negative in your hand to play it on turn 3 and apply the effect as soon as possible. If this happens exactly this way, it is as good as a guaranteed victory, as it will have an absurd value, being able to play many cards costing almost nothing.


If Mister Negative's broken ability wasn't enough, there's also Sera, who reduces the cost of your cards by 1 and there's also Magik, which extends the game for another turn, where you'll be able to play more cards and guarantee plenty of cubes!

2nd Place: Patriot

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This is a deck that has conquered me over time. After I got Mystique and Ultron, I started to see the Patriot deck in a different scope and have been playing with it often. Here, the great protagonist is the Patriot, who gives +2 power to cards without abilities. Along with it, Mystique also shines, as it copies Patriot's effect, so your cards without abilities now gain +4 power.

So just fill your board with Squirrels, clones of Doctor Fate or Ultron and play those cards that nobody ever gave much importance to, like Misty Knight and Cyclops, which in this deck become chargers, with very high powers.

The deck suffers against Enchantress and Killmonger, but it's still strong and fun to play.

1st Place: Death Wave (Baero)

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The famous deck known as Baero, which I prefer to call Death Wave, has one of the strongest combos in the game.

For those who don't know, when the Wave is played, on the next turn, the cost of all players' cards is set to 4 and as Death has its cost reduced for each card that was destroyed, if 4 cards were destroyed in the game (which is easy to do with this deck), you can play Death costing 0 plus one card, while your opponent will probably only be able to play one card.

The ideal is to play the Wave on the fifth turn, so that on the sixth you have the advantage of playing 2 cards, while your opponent will only play one. As your deck has great finishers (Aero and Magneto), you can win many games with this powerful combo.

Until the last turns happen you can destroy cards to reduce Death's cost, so just play Nova, Bucky Barnes, Mysterio and destroy them with Deathlok or Carnage. In addition, there is Killmonger, who punishes opponents who play too many cost 1 cards.


Did you like the decks? Which ones do you already play? Are there any you want me to bring detailed?

I'm thinking of making a guide on Hela's deck. What do you think? Tell me in the comments!