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Top 5: Best Marvel Snap Pool 2 decks

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In this article you'll find out which are the best decks to guarantee cubes with cards from Pool 2!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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When a new player comes to Marvel Snap, it is very common for a series of questions about the game to arise. Among them, the most common are about the game's economy ("Which is the best way to get new cards?"), about Pools ("How does the Pool system work? This card belongs to which Pool?") and of course, which are the best current decks.

Here in this website we already have an article about the game's economylink outside website and a series about the best cards from Pool 1link outside website, Pool 2link outside website, and Pool 3link outside website. Besides that, I started to write a new series focused on the best decks from each Pool, which already got its first partlink outside website and today I bring the second part.


I decided to bring different decks for part 2, so the series isn't repetitive and only has the same decks with a few upgrades. Even still, I stress that decks such as Kazoo, Spectrum Ongoing and Devil Dinosaur (this one I'll bring in a different version) are still strong at Pool 2, but my main goal today is to present new possibilities and bring different decks.

Without further ado, let's check out the ranking:

Best Pool 2 decks

5 - Move

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The move archetype is very loved by some and hated by others, but the fact remains that this deck makes you think and do a lot of math so you can win games, so it might be hard at first, but after you get the gist of it, the deck gets very fun.

The protagonists in this version are Kraven, Vulture and Multiple Man, which can get huge and win games easily. The idea is to increase Multiple Man's attack with Forge or Hulkbuster and start to move it (ideally onto Kraven's location, so it can already start to gain power), so that your board starts to fill up with big units. Concurrent to that, also keep moving your Vulture and at the end, with Heimdall, move all your cards to the left.

Keep in mind that you will play around Heimdall, so leave the first location empty, because if it's full, Heimdall will only be able to move your cards to the middle. Another thing to pay attention to is your cards' power count, to know which is the best place to put Heimdall.

4 - Discard

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In my humble opinion, Discard decks only get good at Pool 3, but I know there are many players who like this type of archetype, so I brought this version.

The idea here is to keep discarding Apocalypse and Swarm, and grow your Morbius bigger and bigger. At turn 6, you play your many Swarm and Apocalypse, which at this point should already be huge and will easily guarantee a location.

This deck also has Strong Guy, which gets 10 power when your hand is empty, so it is quite easy to make this happen, as in the last round you will play all your cards. Besides that, there's Bishop, which will also grow as you play cards, so it benefits a lot from the many Swarm copies you will play.

3 - Destroy

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This is another deck that gets a lot better at Pool 3, but this version can play really well at Pool 2 because of Bucky Barnes, who is the deck's great main character. It costs 2 and has 1 power, but when it is destroyed it becomes the Winter Soldier, with a whopping 6 power.

Destroying Bucky is pretty easy, as this deck has Carnage and Deathlok. I recommend using Deathlok to destroy Bucky, as both guarantee 11 power in one location. And in another location you can place Nova, Wolverine, Sabretooth and finish up with Carnage, which will get 9 power and will make your Wolverine come down for free in any of your locations and Sabretooth will return to your hand costing 0, so it will also be able to be played again.


At turn 6 you can play your Sabretooth by 0 cost and America Chavez or Spider-Woman in a location your opponent is winning, as the power reduction it causes might be enough for you to turn that location around.

2 - Dino Destroy

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I've already brought you all a Devil Dinosaur deck guidelink outside website, but this version I've listed today is quite different from the one in the guide, as it takes advantage from the destruction kit. We have the addition of Carnage, Nova and Bucky Barnes, which can easily guarantee a location, while our dearest Devil Dinosaur guarantees another.

Keep in mind that this deck still has the cards that help Devil Dinosaur grow in power, so it can become huge with the help of Cable, Agent 13, Sentinel and Moon Girl. So, this version becomes even better, as it presents more threats to your opponent and alternative win conditions.

1 - Infinaut Jubilee

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Infinaut is the most powerful card in the game, with a whopping 20 power, but it can't be played if you played a card in the previous round. As it costs 6, it makes you not play anything at round 5, which can be quite odd. But don't panic, as that's where Jubilee comes in, which costs 4 and on reveal it plays a card from your deck in that location. Ok, it is random, but many times (if you're lucky), it will bring Infinaut and you will win the game because of this play.

Another card that matches Infinaut is Sunspot, which as long as you save energy, it grows in power, so you're rewarded for not playing anything at round 5, as it will gain 5 power. As it's a 1 drop, Sunspot can easily die to Killmonger, but to avoid that, we have Armor in the deck, which will protect it.

To finish, another very strong combo with this deck is to block a location with Storm and place Jessica Jones alongside her. As you won't be able to play anything there at round 5, Jessica gets 8 power and it can be enough to guarantee that location.

Final Thoughts

These were the Pool 2 decks that I collected for you guys. Have you played any of these? Which got your attention the most? Tell me all about it in the comment section! ;)