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Marvel Snap Guide: How to get off to a good start in the game

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In today's article, you will learn how to optimize your resources and get off to a good start in Marvel Snap, the new card game from Marvel!

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A bit over a week ago, Marvel's newest card game, Marvel Snap, was released. The game is wonderful, totally different from any other Card Game I've played, both in the gameplay and progression.

That's why I've brought here some tips and strategies to optimize your in-game resources to progress faster. These tips are also effective for those who have already started in the game.

How to unlock new cards in Marvel Snap?

The first point is to understand how the game progression works. It might be confusing at first, but I'll explain everything.


The only efficient method to unlock new cards is through their Collection Level, which we'll talk about later.

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There is also another method of getting Cards, but not as good as your Collection Level. It is possible to unlock cards and variants (skins) by purchasing the Premium Season Pass, but there are few cards, in addition to being paid with real money.

Finally, we can buy variants in the Store, paying with Gold.

We will talk about the importance of variants later in this article.

How to improve my Collection Level in Marvel Snap?

To raise your Collection Level in the game, you need to level up the rarity of your cards.

Cards are common, and by increasing their quality, they start to have totally different effects, such as frame breaking, 3D style and animations.

To evolve a card, you need Credits and Boosters. Credits are unique and work to improve any card, but Boosters work differently: you need to have that specific card's booster to evolve it.

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For example, to evolve an Iron Man from Common to Uncommon, you need 25 Credits plus 5 Iron Man Boosters.

Such an evolution grants you 1 Collection Level. The higher the rarity of your card, the more Collection Levels it will give you when it evolves.

But honestly, the most efficient thing is to evolve all your Common cards first since even improving them giving only 1 Collection Level, they cost a lot less Credits.

Common to Uncommon card evolution:

Cost: 25 Credits plus 5 Boosters for that character

Reward: 1 Collection Level

25 Credits and 5 Boosters per level.

Ucommon card evolution to 3D:

Cost: 100 Credits plus 10 Boosters for that character

Reward: 2 Collection Levels

50 Credits and 5 Boosters per level.

See how it's more important that you first focus on improving all your Common cards, so we'll save Credits and better optimize our resources.

The importance of Variants in Marvel Snap

A variant is more than just a skin in the game, it works as if it were another card, and can be evolved from the first rarity, giving you even more collection levels.

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Is it worth spending Gold to buy Variants?

I mentioned at the beginning of the article that it is possible to purchase these skins with Gold in the store. But for a Free To Play player, I don't recommend it.

It's no use having thousands of cards to evolve if you lack Credits, so I recommend spending your Gold buying daily quests, so we'll have more Credits to improve our cards, in addition to helping you complete the Weekly Challenge.

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But of course, if you want to spend some money on the game, you can buy it all if you prefer!

Card Pools

It is important for you to know that the Marvel Snap cards are divided by a "pool", a type of set. Like the Hearthstone expansions.


When you release a card, it will be random, but this random card will be consistent with the pool you are in.

Starter cards: Between Levels 1 and 18 of the Collection Level

Pool 1: Between Levels 18 and 214 of the Collection Level

Pool 2: Between Levels 222 and 474 of the Collection Level

Pool 3: From Level 486 of the Collection Level

Understanding card pools is important when building a Deck, it's no use being at level 200, for example, and wanting to build a deck with cards from Pool 2 or 3, as you will only release them later.

Cubes in Marvel Snap

The intention of the article is to help you understand and optimize the game's progression, but it is necessary to comment on the cubes, which is very different from any other online game.

In Marvel Snap, you start a game, and it is worth a Cube, it is like your "trophies" or "points" within the game, which ends up defining your rank (link).

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Winning the match, you take a cube, but if you are defeated, you will lose a cube, influencing your rank in the game.

During the rounds, it is possible to SNAP and double the amount of cubes, as if you were doubling the bet and the value of the match, and each player is entitled to one SNAP per match.

Initially, the game is worth one cube, if both players SNAP, the game will already be worth 4 cubes.

And the most interesting thing comes now, the game lasts 6 rounds, and if it goes to the last round, the value of the cubes will automatically double, so 4 will become 8 cubes.

Learn when to quit!

With that, I say to you, know when to give up. Let's assume you have a weak hand and the opponent SNAPs, accepting might be a mistake, and returning another SNAP will be an even bigger mistake.

It's much better to play it safe and give up when you think it's plausible, I've already lost several games worth 8 cubes thinking I could win by luck, and let's face it, it's not cool.

But it is obvious that having confidence, a plan and good cards in hand, you can SNAP to receive more cubes in case of victory.


I hope you enjoyed the article, and that it was very useful and productive! I'm available for any questions, just call me here in the comments.