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Marvel Snap: May 16 Patch Review

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Nerf on Wave, return of Kitty Pryde and changes in ranked mark the new update! Check out the Patch 15.15 review!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Kitty Pryde to everyone!

I start the article talking about Kitty Pryde, who finally returned to the game. After some bugs, it was disabled and is now back with new text and more: unlocked for free for all players!

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The presence of Kitty Pryde is essential for the game, as now each player can count on more good one-drops. With the recent arrival of Nebula and Howard, The Duck, Marvel Snap is creating a great range of options for 1-cost cards, which didn't exist before (basically there was only Sunspot).


Plus, Kitty makes the Bounce archetype even more fun! I was able to play a few games before writing this article and I can say that Kitty Pryde is very strong. In a few games playing with her, I managed to reach Infinity, and soon I'll bring the deck guide I used with her.

Fatal adjustment to interactions with Wave

Wave has always been a strong card, but what left it out of the curve was its interactions with cards that work with cost reduction (She-Hulk, Death, among others), since it was possible to play them practically for free and still play another card affected by Wave.

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Now, with the change applied in the new patch, even playing the Wave alone on turn 5, it will no longer be possible to play a Death costing 0 and a She-Hulk costing 2. All cards present in both players' hands will cost 4, and only it will be possible to play a card.

With that, the Death Wave and Doom Wave decks die, but Wave becomes a fair card and becomes just a ramp piece, which is its main feature.

Consolation Prize for Death

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In order for Death not to be so harmed, they reduced its cost to 8, but without Wave's help, things are strange for this card, and it is likely that from now on, we will only see Death with Galactus.

Positive changes to ranked!

One change that left people surprised was the ranked system. Now, players only need to earn 7 cubes to rank up (from 10). So in a single game, in the scenario where it is worth 8 cubes, the player can already go from 99 to 100 and reach infinity.

To balance the situation, the number of bonus ranks that players earn has been decreased. Now there are only 3, instead of 5. Therefore, when the player goes up from 79 to 80, they will stay at 83.

It is necessary to let time pass to discover the general reception of the community regarding this new feature, but from my own experience, I can say that I approved of the developers' decision. I was stagnant at 95 and after testing the new system, I managed to reach Infinity after just a few matches.

I believe that from now on, many players will also be excited to reaching the maximum rank in Marvel Snap, which makes the experience of playing in the ranked queue very satisfying for everyone involved.

Changes to Crystal, but nobody cares

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Crystal is one of the least played cards in Marvel Snap and in this patch they reworked it, but the change wasn't that interesting.

Drawing cards is a good effect, but it will also benefit the opponent, so it's not that interesting. Maybe if they had increased her power to 5 or 6, she would be at least playable, but we'll see if this change has any effect.


It's possible that Kitty Pryde will appear quite frequently in these early days of the patch, so it's a good idea to get Killmonger in play and Shang-Chi as well, as Angela and Bishop (and Kitty herself) are giants in the Bounce deck, which is the main choice for the card.


The deck with Stature and Black Bolt, which has been showing up a lot in the meta, hasn't seen any changes, so it remains a solid option to rank up.

Now I want to hear from you: did you like the changes? Have you played with the new Kitty Pryde? Tell me in the comments! ;)