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Top 10 Best cards from Marvel Snap's Pool 2

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Find out which are the best cards from Marvel Snap's Pool 2 to get!

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What is Pool in Marvel Snap?

If you're just starting out on Marvel Snap and have no idea what Pool is, I'll explain it briefly. Pool is a set of cards that you get in the game as you enhance your cards.

As you enhance your collection level, you gain cards that can only be acquired during those levels. There are currently 3 Pools: Pool 1, which corresponds to levels 18 through 214 in your collection; Pool 2, which corresponds to levels 222 through 474, and Pool 3, which starts at level 486.

To help you understand the Pool system, in addition to tips on improving your economy in Marvel Snap, I recommend this articlelink outside website.


Today, we'll elaborate on the Pool 2, which is the smallest of the 3, having only 25 collectible cards. Although Pool 2 has excellent cards, there are many that are stuck to a certain archetype and others that don't usually see competitive play. So, it was very difficult to assemble this ranking, but I think I was fair enough.

Best Pool 2 cards in Marvel Snap

10 — Okoye

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2 energy, 2 power and gives +1 power to all cards in your deck. Despite not being the staple it once was, Okoye remains a great card.

The power boost she gives might be small, but believe me, it makes a difference.

9 — Agent 13

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What about a card that costs 1, has 2 power, and creates an alternate win condition in your hand? Okay, I may have exaggerated here since Agent 13 relies on luck, and the random card he creates might be terrible.

But it can actually bring a card that will make you win the game and catch your opponent off guard. For its cost, Agent 13 is well worth playing, and deserves to appear in our ranking.

8 — Scorpion

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The Scorpion is one of those cards that when your opponent plays you certainly grumble because it's very frustrating for your cards in your hand to lose 1 power, especially when you have cards like Jubilee, Storm and Iron Man in your hand.

If you manage to play him in the location that doubles the effects "on reveal", you will certainly win the game with this move. Therefore, I consider Scorpio an excellent card, which can be used in several different decks.

7 — The Infinaut

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The Infinaut is the most powerful card in the game. With a whopping 20 power, it has a special condition where you can only play it if you haven't played any other cards in the previous turn.

It makes his play a bit telegraphed since you might spend turn 5 doing nothing, so if the opponent has means to counter The Infinaut, they will already know what to do, and you lose the game. However, if you play Jubilee, and it brings Infinaut for free, the opponent is caught off-guard and Infinaut becomes a much better card.

Also, in Pool 3 there's Hela, which brings back the cards you've discarded, so The Infinaut excels in that deck and has a pretty solid win condition.

6 — Storm

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Storm is similar to Professor X, only slightly weaker than him, as moving units can enter the location it sinks and there is also the possibility that Killmonger will destroy your 1-cost cards that are alongside Storm.

Still, I consider it an excellent card and if played correctly, it can guarantee many wins. I like to combo her with Sunspot and Armor, in addition to Jubilee.

5 — Jubilee

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Speaking of which, here we have Jubilee. It's one of my favorite cards because it allows for plenty of fun combos. It has a rather weak power (1) and has a reasonable cost (4), but Jubilee's ability to bring a card from your deck to the place where it is played can be a game-changer.

As I mentioned, she can bring an Infinaut and make the location unbeatable, but there are also several possibilities, such as: Bring a Professor X and block the location, or an Odin, which will activate Jubilee's ability again and bring one more card from your deck for free and there is also the already known possibility of bringing an America Chavez.

Of course with Jubilee you need a bit of luck, often she can bring one of your 1 or 2 cost cards that won't impact the game. However, she's still one of the best cards in this Pool.

4 — Killmonger

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If you play numerous 1-cost cards, here's your worst nightmare: Killmonger. Costing 3 and having 3 power, it can destroy all 1 cost cards! It's a powerful skill, which can counter many meta decks and in addition to being played on control decks, it can still be found on decks aimed at this destruction there to bring value to the deck!

3 — Iceman

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Who hasn't lost a game because of the Iceman? Wow, I've lost count of how many times I've been defeated by this card. Despite having only 2 power, it costs 1 and has a mighty ability: increasing the cost of one of your opponent's hand cards. Okay, it's random, but when it hits the right target, it completely messes up the opponent's game.

If the target is a 5-cost card, for example, the opponent will hardly play the card on turn 6 because they already saved that turn for another finisher, but if the 5-cost card was important for the combo to happen (for example, White Tiger + Odin), Iceman managed to spoil your opponent's plan and possibly even secure victory for you.

2 — Sunspot

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Costing just 1 and having 1 power, Sunspot manages to grow his power as you store energy. Remember when I mentioned Infinaut up there? He goes well with Sunspot because saving 5 energy with Sunspot on the field means he will gain +5 power.

And if you happen to have some energy left during the other turns, Sunspot easily reaches 10 power. But you need to protect him against Elektra, Killmonger or even Shang-Chi, so it's important to put Armor or Professor X in his location.

1 — Shang-Chi

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Shang-Chi appeared in the MCU only last year, but he became a darling of many people and the Marvel Snap couldn't be different, right?

The 4-cost card, which has 3 power, has the ability to destroy all opponent's cards (located where Shang-Chi is played) that have +9 power! I can barely describe in words how strong this ability is, but believe me, at some point in the Marvel Snap you will either love or hate Shang-Chi.


I've been loving him lately since I'm running the card in my deck, but when I'm with certain decks that have powerful cards and no means to protect them, I curse when the opponent plays Shang-Chi in the location where I'm winning.


Did you like my ranking? As this Pool has fewer cards than the others, I don't think I left anyone important out. Or did I?

If I forgot a card, leave a comment talking about it, and we'll meet you in the Pool 3 article!