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Marvel Snap: Easter Eggs & References on Cards and Variants

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In this article, you discover the main secrets present in some of the game's illustrations.

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With so many characters and variants present in Marvel Snap, it is difficult for players to pay attention to the smallest details of some illustrations, which carry several curiosities and references.

Therefore, I decided to bring the main easter eggs and references that I found in some cards. Some are pretty obvious, others have stories that few know.

Wandavision's Agatha

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The base art of Agatha Harkness and some card variants are clearly inspired by the look of the character played by Kathryn Hahn in the Wandavision series.


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Before the series, in all her appearances in the comics and animations, Agatha was always represented as being an elderly woman, but after Wandavision, the character underwent a "rework" where her first appearance younger and similar to the series could be seen in Marvel Snap.

Despite the similarities with the actress, the variants present in the game are not considered official MCU.

MCU variants

The game's developers have already commented on the interest in bringing official variants of the Marvel Cinematic Universe, but they claimed to be a difficult task, since there is bureaucracy around the image rights of the actors who play the characters in the movies and series.

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So far, we only have two official variants of the MCU, which are the characters Namor and Attuma, with their visuals from the movie Black Panther: Wakanda Forever.

But did you know that there are some other variants that have absurd similarities with some MCU cast? There are even two variants that are faithful reproductions of MCU works posters. I'll show you one by one right now:

Star Lord

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Am I the only one who looks at this variant and can only see Chris Pratt?


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This Mantis look is also very reminiscent of the one featured in the Guardians of the Galaxy feature films!


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In this variant, the Hulk is the face of Mark Ruffalo, who plays the character in the MCU.


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This Ant-Man variant is literally the art of one of the posters for the character's first feature.

Jessica Jones

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The same happened with this variant, which is one of the posters for the first season of the Jessica Jones TV show.

Captain Marvel, Mystique and Rogue

Many know Captain Marvel because of her solo film and her participation in the latest Avengers movie. However, in the adaptation, we didn't see Carol Danvers using the codename Ms. Marvel or her first costume, which is quite different from the current one.

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In Marvel Snap, there is a single variant where Carol Danvers appears in her Ms. Marvel. Additionally, there is a Mystique variant utilizing the same costume.

But what is the connection between the two? This is a fact known only to fans of Ms. Marvel comics and 90s X-Men animation.

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Mystique was created as a villain for Captain Marvel and has a long rivalry with the heroine. Mystique's variant, by the way, is the cover of Ms. Marvel Vol 2 #48. Summarizing the story, which also explains the fact that Rogue flies and has super strength: the mutant Sina predicted that Captain Marvel (Miss Marvel at the time) would ruin Rogue's life, Mystique's adopted daughter, so she decides to kill the heroine.

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Rogue overhears the conversation and decides to take matters into her own hands, then taps on Ms. Marvel and steals her powers and memories and consequently leaves the heroine in a coma. So, that's why the 90s animation Rogue (which is also the inspiration for the character's base card in Marvel Snap) can fly.

Shocked by the connection between these three characters?

Super-Skrull and the Fantastic Four

This one was obvious, and I had never realized it, until one day my friend commented on this curiosity and after that, I never "wandered" again.

In the base art and in all variants of the Super-Skrull it is possible to see in the character all the powers of the members of The Fantastic Four. K'lrt is one of the team's great villains and underwent a procedure that left him with these powers.

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The procedure was commissioned by Emperor Dorreck after The Fantastic Four stopped the Skrulls from invading Earth.

Gwenpool Spoiler

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Finally, something simple. In the art of a variant of Jeff, you can see him in Gwenpool's arms. The character, by the way, has already been leaked and will soon arrive in the game, so her appearance, in addition to highlighting the relationship between the two in the comics, is a small easter egg on her future release.


Did you already get these references? Is there anything else I missed? Want a part two of this article? Tell me everything in the comments!