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Nebula: Review & Decks with Marvel Snap's new card!

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Everything you need to know about Nebula to get her off to a good start in the game's new season, plus decks to play with her!

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About Nebula

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Known to the public for her appearances in several films of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (she appears in all the Guardians of the Galaxy movies, Avengers: Infinity War and Endgame and Thor: Love and Thunder), Nebula had her first appearance in the comics in The Avengers #257 from 1985.

Despite having a different appearance and her kinship with Thanos also being different in her first appearance in this HQ, the character also had a rivalry with Thanos, however, during the long MCU, they made some necessary changes in the history of Nebula to make more sense, and it worked out quite well, as the character fell in favor with the public.


Nebula in Marvel Snap

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If the opponent doesn't play any more cards in Nebula's location, she can reach turn 6 with 11 power. Quite a high number for a 1-cost card, isn't it? But that's unlikely to happen, so Nebula should normally end the game with 5-7 power. Still, it's an excellent value for a one drop.

Card Analysis - Is it worth buying the Pass?

Since Sunspot was nerfed and Kitty Pryde was disabled, Marvel Snap has been lacking a good one-drop, and Nebula seems to be the perfect replacement for those two and promises to see play on different archetypes. It appears to be an accurate choice for Control and Lockdown decks, as when the opponent is unable to play cards in certain locations, Nebula will glow. So, right away, you can see her getting along with the Storm.

In addition, it enables the Guardians of the Galaxy deck itself, which lacked a little push to function. As the opponent will want to play cards where Nebula is present (to prevent her from getting too much power), it is easier to activate the effects of cards like Mantis, Star Lord and Groot.

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As a 1-cost card, Nebula is still targeted by Elektra and Killmonger, but there is Armor for its protection and not all decks in the game run Elektra and Killmonger.

This will probably be a pass worth buying, especially for beginners, as at the beginning of the game, among the few cards available to play are most of the Guardians of the Galaxy, so Nebula will be a great addition to the decks of beginner players who have that competitive spirit and want to win more cubes.

Decks with Nebula

Guardians of the Galaxy

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This is a deck aimed at the Guardians of the Galaxy and is ideal for those who are at the very beginning of Pool 3 and have Drax and Daredevil. If you are not already in Pool 3 and want to play with this list, you can replace Drax with Kazar and Daredevil with Cable.

The principle of the deck is very simple: just play Nebula on turn 1 and take the opportunity to play your cards that are activated when your opponent plays a card with you in the same place, so Mantis and Rocket Racoon are great options for turn 2 In 3 it is possible to play Storm, to lock the location in 4. This will guarantee some points for Nebula in the last two turns.

There is also Daredevil who combines very well with Professor X and Gamora in turn 5. With the possibility of visualizing what the opponent will play and knowing where they will play, you can already guarantee a location.

Doom Nebula

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The Wave deck with Doctor Doom guarantees a lot of power in the last turn, being able to play this card and She-Hulk in turn 6, due to Wave's play in the 5th. Now, with Nebula, mainly combined with Goose and Storm, it is even more difficult for the opponent to play their cards, so Nebula manages to grow her power in this deck, which has excellent field control.


There's Armor to protect Nebula and your other one-drops, and cards that are pretty annoying to disrupt the opponent's plans, like Aero and Iceman. Looking at the list like this, I can see Captain Marvel performing well in this archetype, so it could be a good addition, especially if you don't own any of the other cards.

But the essential cards in this version are Doom, Wave and She-Hulk, the rest are replaceable and up to you.

Zoo Nebula

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Here we have the famous Kazoo archetype improved with some cards from Pool 4: Dazzler and Shanna. Shanna even received a buff recently, where she had her power increased to 4.

The idea of the deck is to complete all of its locations with cards, so that Dazzler gets his buff. Blue Marvel, Kazar and Onslaught contribute to the one drops getting bigger and Bast is also in this version to give a little push and leave your cards with 1 power (or less, in the case of The Hood) with 3 power, which is of great help for this deck that focuses on these 1-cost cards.

Nebula starting at 3 power and getting even bigger each turn is a danger and an Elektra with 3 power, being able to eliminate the opponent's Nebula is also an excellent idea. However, this deck is very vulnerable to Killmonger, so if you see that the enemy deck is taking this card, it's better to run away.

Nebula Control

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Another list focused on field control! In this one, in addition to most of the cards that were mentioned in the other versions, there is the addition of Spider-Man, which also goes very well with Daredevil and is a second option when you can't buy Professor X.

In addition, we have Jeff, which matches the control archetype a lot and can be very useful in several scenarios where it is not possible to play cards. However, it is worth remembering that Jeff is from Pool 5, so not everyone has the card and can play with this version. But if you liked the list that way, and you don't have Jeff, I suggest swapping him for Captain Marvel.

Guardians of the Bounce

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Finally, there is a very interesting mix between the Guardians of the Galaxy with the Bounce archetype. As I mentioned before, Nebula facilitates the activation of the effects of Star-Lord, Mantis and Rocket Racoon, so with Beast, you can return them all to your hand (most with zero cost) and play them again, granting more power and stealing cards from the opponent with Mantis.

Most of the cards in this deck have low costs, so it's possible to keep playing them all over again without spending a lot of energy and in the process of returning to the hand, your Collector still grows.

Of all the decks I've presented here, this one seems to be the most fun, and it's possible that Nebula will do a lot of damage to this Bounce archetype, which is fun, but often didn't work, since you couldn't predict where the opponent would play the cards. Now, with Nebula, it's much easier.



Did you like Nebula? Are you going to buy the pass? Which of the decks I separated to present here did you like the most? Tell me everything in the comments!