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Snap 5 Decks to reach Infinite Rank! (April /2023)

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For the first time, I reached the highest Marvel Snap ranking, and I'm going to share the decks I used during the climb, with explanations and tips about them!

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Since Marvel Snap changed the ranking system, it has become easier to rank up, as now when the player climbs from one link to the next, they get a bonus of 50 cubes. So, when there is a passage from 89 to 90, for example, there is a jump to 95, with only 50 cubes left to reach Infinite, making the climb a lot easier!

In this new season, I was very focused and determined to reach Infinite, and after reaching 99 three times, I managed to reach Infinite. During my ascent I used several decks, but the main ones, which I had the most games, are the ones I brought for this article. I will introduce them to you and explain the idea of each one, in addition to giving you some tips with each deck.


I warn you that there will be decks with cards from Pool 5 and others with Pool 4, but there is a super fun and strong one that only runs Pool 3 cards!

Without further ado, let's get to the decks:

Hawk Dino

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This deck has several win conditions, but the main ones are Devil Dinosaur and Darkhawk. It is possible to play both for one card and the other, since the list has supports for both play styles. Korg and Rockslide help Darkhawk get bigger and White Queen, Sentry and the Agents of SHIELD do the same for Devil Dinosaur.

Finally, there's Mystique which can copy the effect of one of the two and will put even more points on the field, and Doctor Doom is a surprise element that catches many players off guard!

Due to a change in past patches, now if Mystique's target is destroyed by Shang-Chi, she no longer copies their ability. So, an alternative to this is to take Cosmo or Armor in the deck. Moon Girl can also be a great addition, as she can copy Mystique and, on the last turn, you have two more Dinos or Hawks, depending on who Mystique copies.


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Galactus's list isn't much of a secret! You need to play him on the field before turn 6 (that's where Wave and Electro come in) and then, if you played him on 4, just follow up with Spiderman, who almost always wins games for you. Therefore, you need to Snap early in this strategy! And if you notice that the opponent has something to counter Galactus's play, don't hesitate to retreat. Other essential cards in this version are Death and Knull, which guarantee a lot of power in the late-game!

As it is a Galactus-focused deck, it is essential to win most games, so if you don't draw it by turn 5, it's better to retreat. You can even win without Galactus, playing the Destroyer on the 5th turn and the Knull on the 6th, but I think it's too risky to bet only on two cards with a lot of power, as they are easily destroyed by Shang-Chi, so the best is to analyze the situation and understand if it is possible to risk your cubes.

Thanos Ongoing

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Even after the nerfs, Thanos still appears a lot with different versions. I usually run the one that takes Valkyrie and cards with Ongoing skills. Valkyrie doesn't affect cards with Ongoing effects, so she will always hinder the opponent and help you.

In addition, there is still Luke Cage, which prevents your cards from being reduced in power, so it synergizes with Valkyrie and is still great on mirrors, since you will not care about the effect of the Soul Stone. For the last turn, there are two possibilities: Thanos or Spectrum, which will buff all your Ongoing cards.

As in this version the stones need to stay on the field for you to win (all receive the Kazar buff, the Ongoings receive the Spectrum buff and both Mojo and Ant-Man need full locations), Killmonger is the main counter of the deck. So if you read the opponent's deck and realize that they have Killmonger and will play it on the last turn, it's better to retreat. This list even has Armor, but she can't protect all the stones, so be cautious with where you play them.


Junk Control

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This list has answers for just about everything, and hinders the opponent in every possible way! It is a great answer to the Galactus deck, for example, because of Polaris, Debrii and Green Goblin.

There's a synergy of Daredevil with Professor X in turn 5 and to finish it off we have Spider-Woman along with The Hood's Demon. This is an extremely fun deck to play and surprisingly strong! It's worth giving it a chance.

This is one of those strategies that you need to think about where you play each card, since most cards don't have that much power (except for Polaris and Spider-Woman, all the others vary between 1 and 3 power), so it's necessary to distribute your points as good as possible.

My tip is to fill an enemy's location with a Stone, the Hood that you play to its side with the Viper and the Green Goblin, and then you play Polaris in that same location and draw a card with fewer power. Then, in another location, you leave Debrii, Daredevil and on the fifth turn, if possible, and you have more points than the opponent in that location, you play Professor X. With this strategy, it is very likely that you will be able to secure two locations and win the game!

Bounce Destroy

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Finally, another very fun deck that mixes the well-known Death Wave with the Bounce archetype. The idea here is to use and abuse The Hood, Yondu and Iceman with Beast and Falcon in the first few turns.

On turn 4, you can play your Bounce targets to be eaten by Carnage and thus reduce the cost of Death. The 5th turn will always be the Wave's turn and on the last one you play Death, She-Hulk and Knull, while the opponent will most likely play a single card.

This is a relatively easy deck to play, and it only has Knull as a Pool 4 card, the rest is from Pool 3, so if you get it, and you have the other cards, you can enjoy playing this list! The only thing the player needs to be aware of is the order in which the Demons and Killmonger are played, after all, in most cases you don't want to destroy them, right?

So, to avoid doubts: Killmonger always goes first and the Demons, second.


Have you reached Infinite this season yet? If so, which decks did you use? Did you like the ones I played? Tell me in the comments! ;)

Until the next time!