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Marvel Snap: the Best datamined unreleased cards from Pool 5

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In this article, you get a glimpse of what's to come in future card releases in the game and how exciting they can be!

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translated by Romeu

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Whenever a new Marvel Snap patch arrives in the game, Dataminers can find new card files and this has been happening since the beta, so they have already anticipated several card releases from passes and Pool 5.

However, there are still several others that didn't arrive and in today's article, I separated the ones that I consider to be the best and I believe that they can shake up the meta!

It is worth mentioning that many of these cards undergo changes until they reach the final result seen in the game, so it is better not to create too many expectations. Another thing is that I separated them into blocks, which are sorted randomly, so this is not a ranking.


With all that in mind, let's check out the cards:

Card Draw for Destruction archetype

Black Knight

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1/2: When this is destroyed, draw a card.


Drawing cards is always dangerous in a card game, even more so in an archetype with a deck that, even after nerfs, always appears in the meta. Yes, I'm talking about Death Wave. Therefore, Black Knight seems to be an indispensable card in this deck and several others of the Destruction archetype.

Hela's deck will be viable with these cards?

Night Nurse

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2/2: On Reveal: Add all cards you discarded or destroyed last turn to your hand.

Silver Samurai

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1/2: When this is discarded from your hand, draw a card.


The Hela deck is a community favorite, but it's always a frustrating experience to play with it and being unable to draw your Hela or worse: have it in hand and discard it. With Night Nurse and Silver Samurai, there's both an extra chance to draw the protagonist from your deck, and bring her back if discarded.

Hela usually works with Ghost Rider for those cases where she is discarded, but since the discarded card that Ghost Rider brings back is random (like a marvel slotlink outside website), he cannot always bring Hela back. With the specificity of the Night Nurse, it is much easier to bring Hela back and this card, in addition to buffing the Discard archetype, allows a variety of combos for the Destruction archetype.

It's time for the Movement to shine!


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2/2: On Reveal: Move the last card you played here.


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2/5: After ANY card is played here, this moves to another location.

Viv Vision

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2/3: When you move a card to a location, move this card there as well.


The Movement archetype is extremely fun, but it doesn't show up often in the meta. It's still too early to say if these (which are just some of the new Movement cards to come) cards will make the archetype improve and become a recurring figure in the meta, but one thing is for sure: they have everything to make Movement decks shine!

Ghost-Spider seems to be a great support for Dagger and Human Torch; Silk's effect, despite relying on randomness, is very strong and fun. Viv Vision will be Kraven's best friend.

More Control!

Jean Grey

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3/3: On Reveal: The next card your opponent plays must be played here, if possible.


Forcing your opponent to play a card in a place where they didn't intend to play can be decisive in some cases. There are several locations where it is only possible to play up to x turn, so playing Jean in another location one turn before the last turn where it is possible to play cards in the location that will be blocked, disrupting the opponent's plans.


Remember the Spectrum Ongoing deck?

Ms. Marvel

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3/4: Ongoing: If this is your only card here, adjacent locations have +5 Power.


Spectrum's deck was in the meta for a long time, but after the Destroyer nerf, it slowly disappeared. The arrival of Ms. Marvel to Snap (it is likely that it will only arrive in November, with the release of the movie) promises to make the deck focused on Ongoing cards return to the meta.

Kamala Khan, despite the condition of being the only card in the location, is very strong! It has 4 power (great number for a 3-cost card), which can turn to 6 with Spectrum, and still delivers +5 to the other two locations (if it's in the middle, of course). With Klaw's help, it's still possible to beat the location where Ms. Marvel will be solo, so that's a lot of value with one card. She has some counters, like Polaris, Debrii and Green Goblin and Enchantress, but without them, our Kamala shines!

This is crazy!


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6/0: If you win this game, double your winnings.


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?/?: On Reveal: Destroy all 6-cost cards, wherever they are


Mephisto is simply insane in Mister Negative's deck, as he becomes a 0/6 that makes you double your cubes if you win the game. Have you ever thought about winning 16 cubes instead of 8? That's pretty crazy, and I think it's unlikely that he'll enter the game with that ability, because it's beyond broken!

Gorr hasn't had his stats revealed yet, but his ability is also off the charts! Cards costing 6 are usually the protagonists of many decks (Thanos, Galactus, Destroyer, Spectrum, Hela) and being able to destroy them all at once, with a single card, is too broken! Ah, by his text, he will also destroy your 6 cost cards, but just don't put any in your deck, and the problem will be solved!


Are you excited about the new cards? Which one do you most want in the game? As a good Hela player, I want Night Nurse and also Ms Marvel, as I read her comics and I'm a big fan of the character!