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Marvel Snap: Leaked April Season Pass, New Cards and a New Patch!

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The end of February brings even more news for all Marvel Snap fans. A new card is announced, a balance patch brings changes to Sandman and others, a few undocumented changes and April’s Season Pass has been leaked. Check out here all details!

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This week was very eventful for Marvel Snap players. Not only a balance patch was confirmed, teased and released this Wednesday, but a new card was announced and the April Season Pass was datamined and leaked by a credible source – showing incredible variants for a few cute characters. To top it all off, a few undocumented changes made their way into the patch, and players have already begun commenting on them.

Let’s take a look here at the best Marvel Snap has to offer this week:

New Card


Image via Marvel Snap
Image via Marvel Snap

This new card was announced earlier this week, on Tuesday, and it shows the new character, “Stature”!

“Stature, the growing and shrinking girl, daughter of Ant-Man, member of The Young Avengers, is now available in MARVEL SNAP!”

> Cost: 5

> Power: 7

> Effect: Costs 1 if your opponent discarded a card from their hand this game.

This might just be the support the discard archetype needed.

Leaked April's Season Pass

Just a few hours after the balance patch and the new card were announced, a credible source datamined the game’s code and found April’s Season Pass.

Image content of the Website

Not only does this image show some adorable variants of some of the cutest characters, Cosmo and Goose, but it also shows one of the game’s unreleased cards, Hit-Monkey, which, from the looks of it, will be April’s main attraction.

An earlier leak showed the card details:

> Cost: 2

> Power: 0

> Effect: On Reveal gain +2 power (they changed it from 3) for each other card you played this turn.

This card should be the Pass card for the season, and considering the last one was Zabu, which was immediately hit with nerfs a few weeks after the pass began, we can count on it being fairly strong.

Additionally, there are also variant cover arts and icons.

Balance Patch Details and Undocumented Changes

A few of the main highlights of this patch were: series drops for certain cards, unexpected balance changes to multiple characters and mechanics, and a few undocumented changes, bug fixes included, that were remarkable updates to the game. Let’s take a look at each of them:

Series Drop

Image content of the Website

This had been announced a bit earlier in February, but nonetheless, it’s nice to see a few cards becoming more accessible.

Balance Changes

> Darkhawk: 4/1 -> 4/0

This card is from Pool 5, and it had a bit of too much power for those lucky enough to have it. Devs hope this is enough to balance it a bit better.

> Thanos: 6/8 -> 6/11

Thanos brings a very fun mechanic to the game with his Infinity Stones, but players were having difficulty extracting his full potential when building decks. This hard buff could be enough to make him see more play.

> Sandman: 4/1 -> 5/5

This one might be a bit overdone. Sandman was designed as a powerful tool to reign in turn 6 strategies, like Sera, and with this buff, hopefully now he will get the job done. Maybe this means we’ll have a Sandman meta from now on, as some players have pointed out in community forums, but at least it isn’t Sera.

> Spider-Woman: 5/7 -> 5/8

> Namor: 4/5 -> 4/6

> Dagger: 2/1 -> 2/2

These changes were just overall buffs to cards the Devs deemed a bit too weak as of now. The most relevant of these is Dagger, which is very confined to the Move archetype, which is already weak enough, and is one of its worst cards. For her to compete with other cards in this archetype, maybe this buff is what it takes.


Noteworthy Minor and Undocumented Changes

Something simple but that goes a long way: Mysterio’s Illusions now use his variants, if you use any. This used to be a dead giveaway to your strategy with Mysterio, and with this change, it is now viable to use any of his variants.

A few more effects were changed for quality of life purposes that are relevant to mention here:

> “Absorbing Man’s effect can now be doubled by effects like Wong, Kamar Taj, and Odin.”

> “Altar of Death now gives energy if Green Goblin or Hobgoblin are played and destroyed on the opponent’s side.”

> “Miles Morales’ cost is correctly reduced if a card is moved and destroyed before its move resolves.”

And finally, Boosters from matches now are 2x more likely to target cards that need more boosters to be upgraded. This information comes from the main discord of the game, and was casually commented by one of the devs. This should allow players to upgrade their collection easier:

Image content of the Website