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Marvel Snap Review: New March 2023 Pool 5 Cards

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3 new cards are now part of Pool 5 and in this article I'm going to analyze which ones are worth buying and why!

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Continuing with the releases of the new season, Days of Future Past, Marvel Snap has already announced which will be the 3 new cards that arrive in the game this month and will become part of Pool 5, they are: Kitty Pryde, Master Mold and Negasonic Teenage Warhead

As Pool 5 cards are expensive (6k each), you have to choose wisely which card to acquire, so I'll make a careful analysis to help you decide which of the new cards is worth purchasing.

Kitty Pryde

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Kitty Pryde, also known as Shadowcat, is a mutant who can pass through walls and became very popular due to the animation X-Men Evolution and her appearances in the films of the X-Men franchise, played by Elliot Page.

As I mentioned in the article about Nimrod, Kitty Pryde has a critical role in the Days of Future Past saga, so nothing fairer than her finally being released in the game, right?

Kitty costs 1 and has 0 power, but her text reads as follows: You can return this card to your hand to gain +2 power.

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According to the developers on the official Marvel Snap Discord, from turn 2 you can already return Kitty to your hand and play her back in the same round, so at the end of the sixth round, if you've done the process in all rounds, she will have 10 power.

Another important thing they said is that Kitty only buffs herself when she uses her ability, so if she is returned by Falcon and Beast, she will continue with the same power she was, however in the case of Beast, the discount will be applied, so you will be able to play Kitty multiple times for free.


Kitty has what it takes to be the new Sunspot, which is that consistent one drop you use in any deck. In any deck you're going to play, it's very common to spend a few turns without having anything to play and having Kitty on the field, you can keep returning her to your hand and playing her again, making her bigger.

In addition, she manages to enter many strong decks and make them even better, as is the case with Thanos Lockjaw and Double She Hulk (very soon, I will bring guides for these two decks).

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And of course, I couldn't help commenting on the Bounce archetype, which is very fun and underrated. Kitty Pryde will be the star of this deck and in addition to growing her power, she will make Bishop , The Collector and Angela giants!

Yes, I know it dies to Killmonger or Elektra, but still, it's a strong card and among the 3 that I'm going to present here, this is the one I would choose to purchase.

Master Mold

The Master Mold is nothing more than a Sentinel-matrix that creates other Sentinels. Its first comic book appearance was in 1965's The Uncanny X-Men #15. Other than that, the character also appeared in the classic X-Men animation of the 90s.

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In Marvel Snap, the card will be a 2/2 which, when revealed, adds 2 Sentinels to your opponent's hand.


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Despite having an effect that will disrupt your opponent, as the Sentinels will always be in their hand, for 6,000 tokens, it is not worth acquiring the Master Mold.

It's a fun card, but doesn't make room to build as many decks around it. I believe that only Ronan, the Accuser and Darkhawk will benefit from this effect of Master Mold, as the first one wants to see your opponent's hand full and the second one likes it when the opponent doesn't draw cards because the deck is left with more cards and consequently increases Darkhawk's power.


Despite Ronan being a really cool card, I don't think Master Mold will make him top the meta and Darkhawk is already strong by itself and with Pool 3 cards like Black Widow and Rock Slide. Therefore, I don't recommend purchasing Master Mold.

Negasonic Teenage Warhead

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You must know Negasonic from the Deadpool movies, right? And it wouldn't be wrong to say that her first appearance was there, as the Negasonic Teenage Warhead that has existed in the comics since 2001 is quite different from the version presented in the Deadpool feature films. In fact, the only thing in common between the two characters is the name, which came from the song "Negasonic Teenage Warhead", by the band Monster Magnet.

It was exactly because of her name that Deadpool's writers decided to put her in the movies, and they took the liberty of making the character's look and powers more consistent with her name. After the appearance in the film, the character underwent a visual "rework" in the comics that made her more similar to the movie version.

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In Marvel Snap, the card will live up to the movie version and will be a 3/2 unit that has the following text: After ANY card is played here, destroy this AND that card.


Okay, Negasonic is in a good fight with Kitty Pryde to define the position of the best card of this wave. Both are excellent and if I had plenty of tokens, I would buy both, but since this is not a reality, I would go with Kitty Pryde as it is more versatile.

Warhead is linked to the Destruction archetype, which is a pretty cool, but I don't particularly like it very much, so I don't see myself gathering tokens to acquire the card.

But it is undeniable that it has a unique ability and that it manages to impose an excellent board control. It can be used both as a way to disrupt your opponent, where they will have to play a card in the location where it is to "liberate" the place, as a way to help you out, destroying your card that you want to destroy, like Nimrod. It still suffers against Armor, but any destruction archetype card suffers against it.

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This card can also be very useful with Daredevil, as you will see which card the player will play on turn 5 and so, if you have priority, you can destroy the opponent's card with Negasonic.

This is a card that will provoke a fight between the two players for priority and can even catch the opponent off guard in the last turn, where it will eliminate their finisher. While I think the card will appear more often in Destruction decks, it's safe to say Negasonic Teenage Warhead could turn out to be a tech card that will appear in many decks.


So, which one would you choose to buy?

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