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Top 10: Best Marvel Snap Pool 3 cards!

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Find out which are the best cards to get from Marvel Snap's Pool 3!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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What is a Pool in Marvel Snap?

If you've just begun playing Marvel Snap now and have no idea what a Pool is, I'll explain in just a few words. "Pool" refers to nothing more than a group of cards that you get in the game throughout your progress in enhancing cards.

As you enhance your collection level, you get cards that can only be acquired during those levels. There are currently 3 Pools: Pool 1, which refers from level 18 to level 214, Pool 2, which refers from level 222 to level 474 and Pool 3, which starts at level 486.


To better understand the Pool system, besides tips to improve your Marvel Snap economy, I recommend another article that is also available here at the site. Click herelink outside website to check it out. You can also read other rankings I've done regarding Pool 1 and 2 by clicking herelink outside website and herelink outside website.

Today, I'll talk about Pool 3, which is the last Pool in the game and it is where getting all the cards gets slower.

Just to have a reference, from Pool 3's 76 cards I only have 29, so many of those cards I haven't had a more in depth contact with, but I researched a lot, watched many videos and streams, and built this Top 10 version. Ready to check out the ranking? Let's go!

Best cards from Pool 3

10th place: Lockjaw

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Lockjaw, besides being very cute, can "transform" a Rock into an Infinaut, so yes, I think it is very powerful.

Its permanent effect of transforming your cards into other cards from your deck allows for many combos not only in one deck, but in many, which is why it deserves to be in this ranking.

9th Place: Mystique

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Mystique costs only 3 energy and copies the "Ongoing" skill of the last card you've played.

Though this card is very popular in decks containing "Ongoing" cards such as Patriot and Cerebro, it can appear as a wild card in many other strategies, such as in the Devil Dinosaur deck and even "On Reveal" decks, such as the powerful Wong combo.

8th place: Mysterio

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The Mysterio card does justice to this character's essence in the comics and can get into an opponent's head, as you will only know which is the true Mysterio when the match ends.

If you're not familiar with this card, allow me to explain. Mysterio costs 2 and has 5 power and when you play it in a location, this card is automatically played in the other two locations, but as 0 power copies, however your opponent won't know which one is the original, as for them, every single Mysterio will appear as if they had 0 power. With that, you can bluff your opponent and depending on the deck you're playing, the copies will still be useful, be it for getting buffed by Patriot, become fodder for Carnage or to grow Bishop's power.

For just 2 energy, Mysterio is a very complete and versatile card.

7th place: Daredevil

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Speaking of two cost cards that are versatile and powerful, we have Daredevil, which came with an ingenious mechanic to Marvel Snap. At turn 5, this character makes you see the cards your opponent will play, where they will be played and before you even play your cards. With that, you can counter many enemy plays besides also, for instance: blocking a location with Professor X and guarantee a victory there.


This was only one example, but there are many ways to use Daredevil's power thoroughly, which is quite strong.

6th pace: Doctor Doom

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Do you know that moment when Storm prevents you from playing cards in a location or when you're in a match in which there are locations you can't play cards in? Doctor Doom is your savior in those cases.

With just 6 energy and 5 power, it puts in 1 Doombot with 5 power in each of the other locations, which can turn many matches in your favor. Besides that, if you combo it with Wong, you will put even more Doombots and guarantee even more points.

5th Place: Aero

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Just by costing 5 and having 8 power, Aero is already a good card, however, its skill makes it one of the best cards in the game. And what skill is that? Well, Aero can move all the cards that the opponent played in the round it is revealed to the place in which it was played.

If it was played in turn 6, a moment in which the most crucial cards need to be played at the right location to win the match, Aero can easily ruin your opponent's plan and guarantee you the victory.

A very powerful combo with this card is with Kingpin, which destroys the cards moved at turn 6 to the location in which Kingpin is.

4th Place: Wave

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Wave, besides having fair stats (3/3), has a very powerful skill: at reveal, next turn it makes all cards from both players cost 4. This means: you can play a card that costs 6 (even 9, right, Death?) at turn 4. Of course your opponent can do the same, but that will depend on how their hand is.

Besides that, there are many decks that have lots of cards to play per round, so limiting them to one card at turn 4, might delay and frustrate your opponent's game plan. That is without mentioning that you can play Odin alongside Wave, so that this way, at turn 5, all players can only play one card, and once more your opponent will have their game plan ruined.

3rd place: Magik

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Limbo is that location that states that there will be a turn 7 in that match and yes, it shows up once or twice in games, but Magik also has that skill, so, if it is in your deck, all matches will have a turn 7. The possibility of extending the match to a seventh turn might be what you need to draw a key card and finish your game.

However, it's worth mentioning that your opponent also gains that time, so it also might be beneficial to their plan. Besides, Magik's skill remains one of the strongest in the game and certainly will bring you some victories because of Limbo.

2nd Place: Wong

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Wong is that card that every time I see it on board I think: Oh, I lost.

It might even seem harmless because it costs 4 and has only 2 power, but its "ongoing" skill of doubling "on reveal" effects is broken!


Wong is the upgrade for the classic Odin deck that you built all the way back when you began playing and believe it if you will, you only need to have Wong, Odin and the White Tiger in the same location to win! Of course Cosmo and Enchantress counter this deck easily, but not everyone will have both these two cards in their decks, so Wong and its "on reveal" deck just trample most decks.

1st place: Sera

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Just like Wave, Sera has fair stats (5/5) and a very strong skill: lowering your cards in hands cost by 1. This opens up space for a series of combos to come up, but usually Sera walks hand in hand with Magik, so you can have one more turn and play all your cheap cards at once to finish the game.

Though there is a limitation to cost reduction of cards (they can't cost less than 1), Sera can create a lot of value, even more so if it comes in early game (with the help of Wave or Psylocke) and can snowball into giving your opponents a lot of headache.

Final Thoughts

Did you like my ranking? I feel like y'all will miss a lot of cards, but keep in mind that I only had 10 spots to fill and Pool 3 has many good cards, so I had to make very difficult choices.

But that's it for me today, leave your comments down below because I will love debating it all with you guys!