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Top 10 Cards that Urgently Need to be Nerfed in Marvel Snap

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Find out which cards are unbalanced and need to be contained in Marvel Snap!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Marvel Snap's balancing tends to take a long time to happen and as a result, many players begin feeling frustrated with the game, as most times they face only the same decks with the same broken cards.

In the latest balancing changes, devs even tried to nerf a few strong cards such as Leader and Aero, but they were hesitant nerfs, which didn't impact at all these cards' performances. Besides that, many other cards weren't touched. This way, in this article I collected all cards I believe can no longer be left out of the next balancing patch and I even suggest the nerfs that might solve their issues!


Without further a do, check out the ranking:

10th Place: Cosmo

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Cosmo, besides being able to counter an infinity of cards, still has great status (3/3), which sets him way beyond the curve.

I believe lowering its power to 2 might make the most hated doggy in the game a bit fairer, don't you?

9th Place: Shang-Chi

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Speaking of countering countless cards, we have him, Shang-Chi, who, with only one kick, destroys all your powerful cards placed in the location he is played.

It is very frustrating to lose an entire location to only one card that costs 4 (!) and still has 3 power. My nerf suggestion to Shang-Chi is increasing his cost to 5 or make his ability only destroy one card, in case, the strongest in that location.

8th Place: Wave

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Wave's case isn't a nerf per se, but it's more of a correction of some of her interactions. I believe cards that work with cost reduction (Death, She-Hulk, Zabu, Miles Morales and Sera) shouldn't be able to interact with Wave.

She should leave all cards costing 4 and that's it, both players can only play one card each. It is very unfair, and it is even broken, if you face the Baero deck and see your opponent play Wave alone on turn 5, so they can play America Chavez, Death and She-Hulk on turn 6, while you can only play one card.

7th Place: Mister Negative

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Here we have a controversial card, which has already been nerfed twice and keeps on being one of the strongest cards in the game. The Mister Negative deck is very strong and broken when it can play its cards at the right time. It can even be complex to decide what could be nerfed in this card, but I think his ability could be limited to affect only the top 2 or 3 cards in your deck.

6th Place: She-Hulk

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She-Hulk is coming to Pool 3 on the 31st, so she'll be more accessible and will show up in more games than she already does. It's best to nerf it already, so she doesn't become a bigger headache.

I think this card is too far off the charts, as it can be a 1 drop with 10 power. And considering you've played Moon Girl on turn 4, doubling your She-Hulks, just skip turn 5 and play 2 Shel-Hulks with 10 power and another card (such as Shang-Chi) which can secure you another location. It is very strong! My initial suggestion here is to lower her power to 9.

5th Place: Death

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Here we have another case of a problem with interactions. I think it's bizarre Death has her cost reduced by Yondu, Galactus and some particular locations, such as Lamentis-1.

One thing that can soften Death's problem is to alter the card's text to "-1 cost for each card YOU destroyed this match" or "-1 cost for each card of yours that was destroyed this match". This is a complex card, so I don't know if these texts would solve Death's situation, but I hope the balancing team can think of something better than what we have.


4th Place: Aero

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They can lower Aero's power to 1, it won't make a difference, and she will remain a very strong card. What needs to be nerfed in this card is its ability, so, I suggest she moves to the location she is placed only the first card the opponent played.

It will still be strong in cases your opponent only plays one card, but in others, the nerf will be right on.

3rd Place: Leader

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All I wrote about Aero also serves to Leader, including the nerf, which can be only copying the first card your opponent played.

2nd Place: Zabu

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A lot is said about Leader, but at least he is a Pool 3 card. What about the pass cards, which spend a long time only being available to acquire through money? I think it's a mistake to have cards that are this strong only available through real money purchase, as it makes the game even more pay to win.

The first card off the charts that barely got here and already needs a nerf is Zabu, which discounts your 4 cost cards by 2. That is very strong, particularly as it costs 3, so Enchantress can only be played on turn 4, when Zabu has already discounted 2 4 cost cards.

As for the nerf, it's even tough to say because if we're not careful, it can kill the card, so I'll leave this one for the balancing team.

1st Place: Silver Surfer

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I've lost count of how many Silver Surfer decks I've seen, faced and lost. It's too much and from my point of view, it's even broken. 3 energy, 0 power (Mister Negative loves this status) and it gives you +3 power to all of your other 3 cost cards. This one with Wong and Mystique is almost a crime!

He needs to be nerfed as soon as possible, and my suggestion is having him give only +2 power, instead of 3. I think with that, he would already be a bit more fair and healthy to the game.

Final Thoughts

So, what did you think of my ranking? Did you think I was fair? Were any other cards missing? Tell me about it in the comment section! ;)