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Leaked! More Marvel Snap Nerfs May Be Coming

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A small leak by a trusted dataminer might confirm nerfs to two more Marvel Snap cards.

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Earlier today, "Sanktanglia", a dev for one of the main Marvel Snap sources, let everyone know in a Discord server that they've found two more nerfs to the game through datamining (a practice in which skilled hands look at the game's main code to look for clues of what's to come in later patches). The conversation was shared in the official Marvel Snap Subreddit by user u/aopakxc.

Marvel Snap previously instated nerfs to some cards on January 31st, particularly to Leader and Wolverine, who were seeing a lot of play in the ranked ladder and were even marked by some game experts as possible nerf targets.


The source for this possible leak stated that the cards Silver Surfer and Zabu, the latter one being a recent addition to the game, would be nerfed pretty soon.


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Zabu is rumored to become a 2 cost card and only reduce 4-cost cards by -1, instead of -2.

Silver Surfer

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Silver Surfer is rumored to have its stats adjusted to 3/2 and only buff other 3-Cost cards by +2, instead of +3.


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You can check out more possible nerf suggestions herelink outside website. With these two nerfs, 3 out of our Top 10 have been nerfed or rumored to be nerfed.

Fans over at the game's main forums were hopeful these two rumored changes will increase the game's balance and playability.