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Top 10 Best cards from Marvel Snap Pool 1

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Find out which are the best cards from Marvel Snap's Pool 1 to get!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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What is a Pool in Marvel Snap?

If you've just begun playing Marvel Snap now and have no idea what a Pool is, I'll explain in just a few words. "Pool" refers to nothing more than a group of cards that you get in the game throughout your progress in enhancing cards.

As you enhance your collection level, you get cards that can only be acquired during those levels. There are currently 3 Pools: Pool 1, which refers from level 18 to level 214, Pool 2, which refers from level 222 to level 474 and Pool 3, which starts at level 486.


To better understand the Pool system, besides tips to improve your Marvel Snap economy, I recommend another article that is also available here at the site. Click herelink outside website to check it out.

Now let's get to the chase, right? I've listed the best cards you can get from Pool 1! Keep in mind that this is my opinion and shouldn't be considered absolute truth, you can disagree with the whole ranking and you are welcome to create your own list and share it in the comments, okay? Well, let's see the ranking:

Best Pool 1 Cards

10 - Elektra

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While you can't get Killmonger at Pool 2, Elektra is your 1 cost unit removal. She can easily remove an Ant-Man or a Nightcrawler, by preventing it from moving, besides being your main Sun Spot counter, which comes along at Pool 2 and it is very tough to deal with.

By combining Elektra's effect with Odin, you can remove more than one 1 cost unit and guarantee a victory in a location she is in, so she is a great card for those who are just starting out.

9 - Spider-Woman

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Spider-Woman is a 5 cost 7 power drop, who, when summoned in a position in which your opponent has 4 cards, she can win you the game, as she lowers enemy powers by 1.

As she comes one round before Odin, you can also combo both of them and lower even more enemy stats! She is a key card in "On Reveal" decks and control decks.

8 - Cable

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For just 2 cost, Cable gives you information on what you're facing, takes away one resource from your opponent and also brings an extra win condition for your game plan.

Keep in mind that he doesn't copy the last card in your opponent's deck, he withdraws it from the bottom of the deck and puts it in your hand, so if it is a very key card for your opponent's combo, you can get extra cubes.

7 - Angela

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Angela is very simple and efficient. She starts with 1 power, but can get to at least 7 power. As it is a 2 cost unit, she sees a lot of play in many decks and is usually a very versatile wild card.

It's worth mentioning that her effect isn't "Ongoing", so she can't be countered by cards that remove "Ongoing" effects, which makes Angela even stronger.

6 - Onslaught

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Onslaught is a great finisher for "Ongoing" decks, and can create very powerful combos with Iron Man, Spectrum, Kazar, and others.

In the future, at Pool 3, he gets even stronger in the Patriot deck, so it is one of those cards to be very happy when you do get it.

5 - Scarlet Witch

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Scarlet Witch was broken at 1 cost, so they increased her cost to 2 and increased her power to 3, but they didn't change the card's effect, which continues to be strong.


As is very much her nature, Wanda can alter reality and change the location in which you play her. She is ideal to counter those locations which give benefits for the most powerful units, or the ones that have the most cards, or the ones which are filled first. With the Witch you can change the location and there you go, the opponent played their cards in vain in that location.

4 - Cosmo

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"On Reveal" decks are very popular when you're just starting out at the game and the main counter to cards with this effect is Cosmo, as it disables "On Reveal" effects in the location in which it is played.

Yes, this little doggy might seem harmless, but it will always make you lose your cool. It is also great to protect Devil Dinosaur from an Enchantress, for instance.

Cosmo is a strong card which still sees play in many Pool 2 and 3 decks, so it is very nice to get it soon as it might give you many victories.

3 - Devil Dinosaur

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Devil Dinosaur is a main character in a deck which is playable from very early on until the final ranked levels. Very soon I will bring a deck guide for this deck, which in my opinion, is the best deck for Marvel Snap beginners.

But speaking of the card itself, it costs 5, has 3 power points and gets +2 power for each card in your hand. Considering the cards in your hand limit, which is 7, he can go up to 17 power. Quite strong, right? He is easily countered by our next card, but aside from that, he is invincible.

2 - Enchantress

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Speaking of her, here we have Enchantress, a card that counters all cards with "Ongoing" effects. When you play her in a location, at the moment she is revealed, she removes the effects from all On Going cards present, including her own.

So you can combo her with Lizard, for instance, and make him not lose his power. As for enemies... It is of utmost importance that you summon Enchantress where Onslaught, Devil Dinosaur or Iron Man are. Enchantress another example of a card you get at Pool 1 and can be useful even in later levels.

1 - Professor X

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He might seem weak as he only has 3 power and costs 5 to play, but in my opinion, Professor Xavier is the strongest card from Pool 1. The reason? Very simple! You can simply block a location. And when I say block, it truly is to block. No one comes in, no one comes out, no one dies.

Of course you need to place him somewhere strategic and when played at the right time, it is a card that requires a high level of skill, but when you get the hang of it... You will win many matches because of Professor Xavier! Just like all the other cards I listed, Professor X is quite popular at the highest levels, so you should be very happy when you get him.

Final Thoughts

Did you like my ranking? Are any cards missing?


I had to leave out a lot of cards from this list, but I think the final result is good. Don't forget to leave that comment to help out my work! ;)