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Nimrod: Review & Decks with Marvel Snap's new card!

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In this article, I review Nimrod, his weaknesses and strengths, and bring the best decks with him to play in Marvel Snap!

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Marvel Snap's new season has started and the theme this time is focused on one of the most famous sagas in the comics, X-Men: Days of Future Past. In the plot, the future of mutants is dominated by the Sentinels, who hunt and exterminate mutants one by one. It's up to Kitty Pryde to go back in time and let the X-Men know what's going on, so they can prevent this future from ever happening.

All the new cards and cosmetics coming to Marvel Snap in March are from that X-Men universe, starting with Nimrod, which is the new season pass card.


For those unfamiliar, Nimrod is an enhanced version of the Sentinels and first appeared in comics in The Uncanny X-Men #191, from 1985.

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In Marvel Snap, Nimrod will be on the destruction archetype. The card is 5/5 and has the following text: When this card is destroyed, add a copy to each other location.

Will Nimrod define the meta? Or is it too weak and will barely see play? That's what I'm going to analyze now!

Analyzing Nimrod

The destruction archetype is very popular in Marvel Snap, and decks like Death Wave and Galactus often appear in the Metagame. Additionally, there are many locations that favor this archetype, so it's safe to say that Nimrod will show up a lot more than M.O.D.O.K and might be here to stay.

The card's ability to be added to other locations can be very useful in locations where the player cannot play cards, so Nimrod can become versatile and appear in different decks.

In addition, another plus is that if you increase Nimrod's power to 10 (with Shuri, for example), Shang-Chi will not be as effective because the moment he is destroyed, copies of it are added to each of the other locations.

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Now talking about cards that are very effective against not only Nimrod, but also for all cards of the destruction archetype, we have Armor, Cosmo and Aero.

On the other hand, Nimrod has obvious synergies with Shuri, Arnim Zola, and Galactus. I even think he's the perfect card for the Galactus deck, so if you have the Pool 5 card, you can buy the new pass with no concerns.

However, for newer players who are attracted to Nimrod and want to purchase the pass, I don't think it's a good idea, as for Nimrod to shine, it usually needs to be alongside many cards from Pool 3 onwards.

Now let's go to the most interesting decks I found with Nimrod:

Decks with Nimrod

Negative Galarod

by ninaisnoob
by ninaisnoob

This list is a bit expensive, and in addition to 2 pass cards, there are 2 Pool 4 cards and 1 Pool 5 card. Now, I'll explain the premise of the deck.

There are several ways to play with this list. You can start with Zabu or Psylocke at 2, Wong at 3, Shuri at 4, Nimrod with an impressive 20 power at 5 and end the game with Arnim Zola destroying Nimrod and placing not one but 2 copies of it in the other locations. Another finisher on turn 6 is Galactus, which destroys all other places and cards and brings 2 Nimrod with 20 power to the location it is played.

Another line is with Miss Negative, which can be played in round 3 if you played Psylocke or Zabu in 2. So you can play Galactus earlier and end the game with Knull + Mystique.

Double Nimrod Destroy

by Th3D3d3
by Th3D3d3

The main combo present in the first deck is also in this one. The difference here is that there is no Galactus, with Shuri being the only more expensive card. Here we also have the presence of Black Panther, which combines with Wong, Shuri and Arnim Zola. So if you can't draw Nimrod, you can bet on Black Panther as an alternate win condition.


The other cards are from the destruction package, and there is support from Nakia, to grow two units from your hand. This can be an alternative way to grow Nimrod or Black Panther if you can't find Shuri.

Nimrod Galactus

by Jeff Hoogland
by Jeff Hoogland

Here we have a classic version of the Galactus deck, where you use both Psylocke and Elektro to ramp up mana and play Galactus early. There are two goblins to disturb the opponent and the ideal is to play Galactus in one of those locations for you to win with no effort.

With the presence of Wolverine and now Nimrod, Galactus's location will be full and with a lot of power, so it's important to use Shuri to double Nimrod's power, or even make Hobgoblin's power go -16 and easily secure the location where you will play Galactus.

Nimrod Cerebro 5

by Snowpoint
by Snowpoint

For those who don't have Pool 4 or 5 cards, here's a deck with just Pool 3 cards that looks pretty promising. Cerebro is a card that has several versions, the most popular being the Cerebro 2 and Cerebro 3 lists. But how about a Cerebro 5 with Nimrod?

Again, we have the presence of Psylocke, which will make Nimrod playable here sooner. Then in turn 5 you play Deathlock and finish with Cerebro + Mystique, which will leave not only copies of Nimrod, but also all your 5 power cards with 9 power.

Another wincondition of the deck is to focus on Sandman and end the game with Doctor Doom, and besides, there is still an Omega Red that can catch some opponents off guard.

Honest Destroy

by Jeff Hoogland
by Jeff Hoogland

Finally, we have a very classic destruction deck, where most of the cards either have destruction abilities, or are the targets of destruction. The idea here is to destroy as many cards as possible to reset your Death, play Nimrod on turn 5 and finish with Arnim Zola + Death on turn 6.

In addition, there is Venom that can also grow and be the target of Arnim Zola. Lastly, we have Shang-Chi, which not only combos with the archetype, but serves as a control tool.


As we can see, Nimrod is very promising and could actually join the Marvel Snap metagame, especially with Galactus. However, this is a pass that I don't recommend for Pool 1, 2 and Pool 3 players, as Nimrod needs a lot of Pool 3, 4 and 5 cards to show its full potential.

But I want to know your opinion. Did you like Nimrod? Are you going to buy the pass? Tell me in the comments!