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Marvel Snap: Hela Casino Deck Guide (Pool 3)

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For Hela lovers, I bring the most consistent version of her deck with tips and secrets!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Hela is a very strong card, but it depends a lot on luck, after all, she can be discarded at any time from your hand and the cards she brings back are randomly added to the locations, so things don't always go as expected.

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Therefore, it is good to reinforce that this is not a competitive deck, which will take you to Infinity. It's another deck for those who want to have fun playing Marvel Snap!

Having explained that, let's move on and check out the list of this version I brought you.



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Without big secrets, just like most Hela lists, the deck is divided into a part with cards that discard (Blade, Lady Sif, Sword Master and Black Cat, which discards itself) and the other is filled with high-cost cards (here we have Captain Marvel, Magneto, Odin, Death and Infinaut), with a lot of power, to be discarded and brought back by Hela.

Jubilee is a way to bring Hela to the field, but if it brings a card like Death and/or Infinaut it's even better. The Ghost Rider is an alternative to bringing back Hela if she is discarded. Odin, by the way, can combo with these two cards, to increase your chances of putting Hela in and "revive" your discarded cards.

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Unlike most versions of Hela, which have Invisible Woman, this one does not have the card, mainly because when this card is on the field, people usually put Cosmo in the same location, so she ends up becoming a useless card in the deck.


Because it's a deck with many high-cost cards, there's not much to play. Usually, you only start playing from turn 3 onwards, as it's a bit strange to play Blade early, as there are few cards in your hand.

Lady Sif is a safe turn 3 pick when Death is in your hand, as it will always be Sif's target. On turn 4 you can play Jubilee or, depending on how your hand is, Blade and Sword Master.

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On turn 5, Captain Marvel is a solid pick. In games where you have discarded a few cards, go to the line to play those discards this turn. In the scenario where Hela was discarded early, play Ghost Rider. If he doesn't bring Hela back, it's possible to play Odin on the last turn, for Biker to reactivate its effect and try to bring Hela back.

Anyway, in most cases, you will always play Hela on the last turn, after all, she is the protagonist and main finisher of the deck.


Since Hela summons revived cards at random, I like to play cards scattered across locations, so I don't have to rely so much on luck.

If you happen to discard Hela and don't want to rely on Ghost Rider's RNG, it's best to retreat. Likewise, if you don't draw Hela until the last turn, you can also retreat.

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Regarding Snap, this is one of those decks that I don't recommend using Snap, unless you have Hela on the last turn. But it is good to reinforce that even with her, it doesn't guarantee a victory, since sometimes she plays all the revived cards in one place, and you lose in the others, so be aware of the moments when you Snap.


Getting unlucky is the deck's main weakness, as it doesn't have many counters. At most, a Cosmo or Leech, which disables Hela, but otherwise, it's a deck that will depend solely and exclusively on your luck, hence the "Casino" in the title.



Although it depends a lot on luck, some of the tips I brought can improve your experience with the deck.

This is a very fun and unpredictable deck, which when it works, it's beautiful! I hope you enjoyed the guide and any questions, just write in the comments.