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This is Marvel Snap's Biggest Problem!

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Predatory bundle prices have been scaring and driving away some players. Check out more information and comparisons about it!

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translated by Joey Sticks

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Marvel Snap has been carving the path to becoming one of the best current card games due to its easy gameplay and match length (around 3 to 5 minutes), which make the game addicting. Besides that, the variety of cards and locations which change at each match make every game unique and extremely fun.

However, not everything is perfect. Aside from a slow card acquisition system, the game has been promoting bundles with prices outside most players' realities, and this is the subject for today's article. Come with me and we'll clarify all about this matter!


Marvel Snap's Currency

There are two ways of acquiring cosmetics in Marvel Snap:

The first is with gold, which the game itself provides freely through quest completion, in the collector's reserve or by reaching the galactic rank.

The second one is by putting real money into the game, through which the player can buy gold, the battle passes and some of the bundles which are only available for purchase through real money.

Marvel Snap's Gold Prices

Here I'm leaving you with a screenshot of the game's mobile version (in the PC version, prices are even more expensive) with Gold prices, which is used to buy most cosmetics.

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Just so you know, 700 gold is the price for the cheapest variants (card skins) in the game, and this option is US$9.99. So, to buy a common variant, players need to pay the same price they would pay for the season's pass, which usually gives you around 6 variants.

It's worth going on a tangent here is saying that Marvel Snap's pass has the best cost-benefit in the game and in that they did it right. I know US$9.99 is still a relatively high price for a game's battle pass, but considering all the rewards, it's worth it. But let's go to the bundles, which have been the talk of the community.

The Predatory Prices of Marvel Snap's Bundles

At the moment I'm writing this article, there are two bundles available for purchase in the game:

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The first is called Dino Sized and costs 4.000 gold. It offers 5.000 credits, an exclusive variant for Devil Dinosaur and its respective avatar, 310 Devil Dinosaur boosters and a title with the phrase "Please Do Not Step On Me".

In Marvel Snap, there is the option of buying credits with gold, though there is a limitation of 3 purchases by option daily. The option that offers 500 credits costs 400 gold, so to have 5.000 credits it would be necessary to spend 4.000 gold, which is the size of the Dino Sized bundle. The bundle's edge is based on the exclusive variant, as avatars and titles are useless. Additionally, if the player interested in the bundle has no gold, they'll need to buy the 3.850 option plus the 300 option, which adds up to a whopping US$54,98.

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The second bundle available currently is called Pro Bundle, and can only be purchased with real money. It costs US$99,99 and offers 12.500 credits and, 1250 boosters, which will be useful to enhance cards and get around ~250 collection levels. The game devs recommend this bundle for beginner players who want to have that little push and boost their collection by getting new cards quickly.

I did the math and found out to get around 12.500 credits through the store, the player would need to spend around 10.000 gold, which is around US$124,98. Wow, so the bundle is a lot more worth it, right? Well, in theory yes, but things are not exactly like that...


My Opinion on Marvel Snap's Bundle Prices

Considering that the idea of these bundles is to hype players and offer something unseen/exclusive for a limited time with great cost-benefit, it doesn't make sense to be so expensive, right? Yes, I know in the price comparison I did the bundles go for lower prices than what the player would spend by manually buying credits, but that only happens because Marvel Snap's gold prices are too expensive. 300 gold is US$4.99! This price doesn't make sense, considering there's almost nothing you can buy with 300 gold.

There are two solutions to make these bundles become really attractive to players: they either fix the game's currency prices or lower the price of the bundles which they are putting in their game.

I'm certain if bundles had more accessible prices, many players would buy them, recommend them and talk positively of this game to friends. Even regarding profit, the lowering of these values doesn't impact much, as packages would be more accessible and many players would buy them, unlike now, when I only see a few content creators buying the offered bundles.

I know this isn't such a simple question and developers can't just go around lowering their prices one day, considering each country has a different currency and values can vary a lot, but it is something they can study and enhance, as it is something that has been discouraging the community a lot.

A Light at the End of the Tunnel

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On January 22nd, we'll have a bundle coming along costing only $4,99 and it will bring an exclusive variant for Jubilee + a respective avatar for this variant, 66 Jubilee boosters, 500 credits and 500 gold. Considering 500 credits cost 400 gold and the cheapest option for gold gives you only 300 gold and costs US$4,99, this bundle will have an excellent cost-benefit ratio and will be one of the best offered in the whole game.

Have Marvel Snap's developers heard the community and from now on we'll have bundles with more accessible prices, or will this Jubilee bundle be something unique? That's what we'll have to wait and see, but I truly hope they think about this matter fondly and make the game even better!