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Deck Guide: Galactus Spider-Man (Pool 5)

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All the secrets of this version of the Galactus deck with Spider-Man, which took me to Infinity!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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Despite being very predictable, Galactus' deck is very strong, and against certain decks, it does a lot of damage. This version brings the help of Spider-Man, who, along with Galactus, promotes one of the most annoying combos in the game!

Galactus and Spider-Man combo
Galactus and Spider-Man combo

So come with me to know all the secrets and best tips for this deck, so you can climb to Infinity in the Marvel Snap ranked queue.



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The protagonist of the deck is Galactus and then (in this version) Spider-Man. The other most important cards on this list are Wave, Death and Knull.

Knull and Death are the main finishers of the deck
Knull and Death are the main finishers of the deck

Electro is a good replacement for Wave, but when you can't fit Galactus, it hinders your game. An alternative, in cases where you don't draw Galactus, is to use Destroyer to destroy Electro and the rest of your cards, which will leave Knull with a lot of power and reduce Death's cost.

Doctor Octopus is on the list to disrupt the opponent and make them play the cards they weren't planning to play the moment Doctor Octopus enters the field. In addition, he also helps Knull and Death's progress. Yondu also has the same proposal as Octopus, to disrupt the opponent and improve your cards.

Daredevil is my choice. There are those who prefer to use Wolverine instead of him, but I prefer Daredevil. In cases where you play Electro, it is possible to use Galactus on turn 5, the turn that Daredevil gives you access to view the opponent's move, making your life a lot easier as you will be playing Galactus in the best location.

Finally, there's Shang-Chi, for the control it offers, and America Chavez will help you draw your most important cards, like Galactus.


The main (and strongest) combo on this list is playing Wave on 3, Galactus on 4 and Spider-Man on 5. If the opponent has no way to stop your Galactus, you win the game, so as soon as possible to Snap playing with this deck the better, as people tend to back off the moment they see Galactus.

As Galactus depends on locations and priority to work, you need to play Yondu and Daredevil early, preferably in the same location so as not to compromise the other locations. The Wave, when the 3 locations have already been revealed and the opponent is not in priority, you can play it in another location, to fight for priority and in turn 4 it will be easier to activate Galactus.

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If the opponent doesn't run away, turn 5 is Spider-Man's turn, which will make it impossible for the opponent to play cards in the only available place, so this play basically decrees the end of the game.

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In case you don't have Spider-Man in your hand, you can skip the fifth turn so that your opponent has priority (so as not to run the risk of taking a Shang-Chi on the last turn, which is when you play your more powerful cards), after all they will play a card, so in the last turn, you play Knull or Death and in some games you can even play both, as Death will be zeroed.

This is the deck's main tactic, but if you don't draw the Wave, it's possible to go for Electro, which allows playing Galactus on turn 5. In this case, always thinking about the possibility of Shang-Chi, you'll play Galactus in a location that the opponent has more than 2 power, for them to have priority and be unable to destroy your finishers.


Without Galactus, it's virtually impossible to win, so if you don't draw him by turn 5, it's best to run away.


This is a relatively easy deck to pilot, so the main tips are for things beyond the deck, like priority, timing to snap, and timing to run away from hard-to-win games.

As I already explained these things in the last topic, I'll skip to the next one, which is essential to help you know when to run away.


There are a number of cards that counter Galactus, so once you identify which list your opponent is using, you'll know the right time to run.

Against lists that use cards like Viper, Debrii and Green Goblin it is basically impossible to win, since the moment the opponent realizes that they are facing Galactus' deck, they will reserve these cards for the right moment.

Other very effective counters to Galactus are Polaris, Cosmo, Aero, Titania and Magneto.


This deck is strong and was one of the ones I played the most in my climb to Infinity. If you have Galactus, don't hesitate to build this list, as it is very fun to play with.

Any doubts, I'm available in the comments!