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Deck Guide: Bounce Kitty Pryde (Pool 5)

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Check out this guide and get to Infinity with one of the best decks featuring Kitty Pryde!

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translated by Romeu

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revised by Tabata Marques

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The list has some essential cards and supports to make those cards shine. The deck's protagonists are Angela, Bishop, The Collector, Hit-Monkey and Kitty Pryde. These will be the main ones responsible for putting raw power on the field, because as the game extends, all these cards will grow in power and can end the matches with many points!

Bast is one of the main supports, as it leaves your cards with 3 power. Considering that most of your units have between -1 and 2 power, Bast's support makes such cards have more value on the field.

Soon after, we have the Beast, which has the function of returning your cards to the hand and reducing their cost in the process. The idea here is to reset Kitty Pryde's cost, so you don't waste energy on her, and it's easier to keep putting her on the field every turn. Other cards that are great targets for Beast are Korg, Iceman, Yondu and the Hood.

Falcon also returns your 1-cost cards to hand and if they've had their cost reduced by Beast, they're still costing 0, so they can easily go back into the field and, in the process, make Bishop bigger and bigger.

Game plan

The deck is relatively simple to pilot, but there are a number of possible paths as far as the game plan is concerned. However, I will present the most common way.

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It's always good to start the game with Bast, especially if you have Kitty Pryde, Angela and Bishop in your hand. On turn two, you can start playing with Kitty Pryde and play her along with some other 1 cost card.

On the third turn, it's ideal to play Kitty in the same location as the one-drop and Beast, to zero their cost. In sequence, you can play Bishop, Kitty again, a free one-drop and then another one-drop.

In the fifth turn, we can start with Angela, Kitty Pryde and Falcon. Finally, you play all your 1-cost cards again together with Hit-Monkey and thus, you will not only power it up, but also leave Bishop, Kitty Pryde herself and Angela with very high powers.

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This is just one way to play, but there are scenarios where you'll focus on the Collector or Angela and in those cases, you'll need to play them early. The important thing is to use your creativity well and take advantage of the resources you have access to in each game, to define the best game plan.


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Despite the need to play Kitty early, if possible, choose to play Bast first, as Kitty has 3 power on turn 2, that is, one more than if we had played the card on turn 1.

Remember Bast's interaction with Mysterio! Both the original and the clones have 3 power, so also prioritize this card when playing Bast.

Angela does very well with cards that come back into your hand, as there is more room to make her even bigger, so always play Kitty in Angela's location. In addition, you can place some other one-drops in the location, to later return them with the Falcon and thus leave the location free to make Angela grow again.


Be aware of the number of cards in your hand, as you will be returning your cards to it, you can reach the maximum number of cards (7) and prevent you from drawing any key pieces of the deck.


Because there are many 1-cost cards on the list, its main weakness is Killmonger, which destroys your entire field at once. Also, Shang-Chi can get rid of Bishop or Angela, as they almost always have more than 9 power.

The Shadow King, which is starting to appear in Silver Surfer lists, also handles most of the cards in this deck very well. Sandman and Wave (on turn 5), which limit the number of cards that will be played to one, also mess up the deck.


Kitty was the missing ingredient to make Bounce decks shine! Despite the weaknesses listed in the last topic, the deck is very consistent and manages to guarantee many wins.

This list, by the way, was the one I used to get to Infinity, so I recommend using it for anyone who wants to easily climb the rankings. If there are any questions about the deck, just leave a comment!