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Marvel Snap: June 2023 New Pool 4 & Pool 5 Cards Analysis

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Marvel Snap will be welcoming Silk, Spider-Man 2099 and Spider-Ham. Which of the new cards is most worth buying? Check out an analysis in this article!

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New Pool 5 Cards Review


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Did you know that the radioactive spider that bit Peter Parker also bit a girl? Yeah, Cindy Moon was the second and last victim of the spider, who gained powers equal to those of Spider-Man.

Silk had its first comic book appearance in Amazing Spider-Man (Vol. 3) #4, 2014, and is one of the big names in the Spider-Verse. The character even had a live-action series announced in 2020, but so far, there has been no new information about its production.


Silk on Marvel Snap

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Whereas the Lizard loses its 5 power when the opponent has 4 cards in its location, Silk is officially the 2 cost card with the highest number of power, having 5, which unlike the Lizard will not be reduced.

The issue around this new card is that the player cannot control where it will stay, since with each new card played in the location where Silk is, it moves to another location.

Despite the unpredictability, Silk works well with Kraven in the movement archetype and outside of it, in other decks, in the late game it is possible to have a sense of where it will jump, since you can complete one or two locations with cards, so it only has one place to move.

It is worth mentioning that Silk's ability is great for locations where it is not possible to play cards, so it becomes an excellent card. Therefore, if you have extra tokens and already have cards like Thanos, Galactus and High Evolutionary, it's worth buying it.

New Pool 4 Cards Review

Spider-Man 2099

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Spider-Man 2099 debuted in comics with his own issue, 1992's Spider-Man 2099 #1. In this alternate version of the arachnid hero of Earth-928, Miguel O'hara is a geneticist working for the Alchemax organization.

Due to conflicts with his boss, Tyler Stone, Miguel undergoes an experiment that almost kills him, however, in the process, his DNA joins with the genes of a spider, and he gains several powers, then becomes the hero known as Spider-Man 2099.

Spider-Man 2099 on Marvel Snap

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Another support for movement decks that promises to bring even more consistency to the archetype! Spider-Man 2099, in addition to having a very high base power (6), offers something entirely new for this archetype: the possibility of destroying cards!

Of course, there is a limitation of being only one card per game and in places that have more than one card, and Spider-Man 2099's target will be random, but still, it is a strong skill, as it is different from Shang-Chi, which only destroys cards with 9+ power, Spider-Man 2099 can destroy, for example, Dracula, which has no counter.

This is another card that will be easily used in other decks, such as Sera Control. Just put on the Iron Fist and that's it, Spider-Man 2099 already does some damage!

Remembering that from now on, some cards will arrive directly in Pool 4 and this will be one of them, so it's really worth investing 3 thousand tokens and buying Spider-Man 2099.


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Straight from Earth-8311, Spider-Ham made his comic book debut in 1983's Marvel Tails Starring Peter Porker, the Spectacular Spider-Ham. He started out as just a parody, but audiences loved the character, so he established himself in the Marvel universe.


Peter Porker's origin story is pretty funny. He was a spider and lived in the basement of May Porker's laboratory. One day, May suffered a radioactive accident and ended up biting Peter. Her bite transformed Peter into an anthropomorphic pig, who soon took on the nickname Spider-Ham!

Spider-Ham in Marvel Snap

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Marvel Snap is really investing in 1 cost cards, isn't it? After Nebula, Kitty Pryde and Howard, we have Spider-Pig, who despite having only 1 power, has a very high potential!

Just imagine: with a simple 1-cost card, you can cripple your opponent's Galactus, turning him into a 6/2 Pig with no abilities! There are several other 6-cost cards that lose a lot to Spider-Ham's ability, such as Doctor Doom, Hela, Knull, among others. So, if played well, this new card can leave many players tilted!

Just like Spider-Man 2099, Spider-Ham will also go straight to Pool 4 and will cost 3000 tokens, so it's also worth buying.


The decision to release new cards straight to Pool 4 means players can finally get excited about new releases, so it's pretty positive for the game.

Now, for those who have few resources and can only choose one of these new cards, I say without thinking twice: buy Spider-Man 2099. In addition to having a lot of power, his ability to destroy cards can mess up the game!